QOTD: Wednesday 11/30

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QOTD: Wednesday 11/30

What is your dream vacation?

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The one place I still want to go to is Greece!! I wold love to go and see the ruins and feel the warm sea breeze on my face......Sigh, maybe after we are retired.....

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Europe! I love history and would be in heaven traveling throughout all those countries.

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any vacation at this point! LOL

I have always wanted to go to....Amsterdam??? I guess??? Well that was my dream in my college stoner days - LOL

Really I love Aruba - have been a few times but not since before i was married - would give anything to have a child free week (though I would miss DS sooo much) with DH in a Caribean setting... maybe Jamacia to try some place new?

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Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Fiji... You name it! Switzlerland may be at the top of my list bc I've wanted to go there since I was in the fourth grade. We had an exchange student from there and I have wanted to go ever since.

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Currently I would love to go to Bora Bora, but I think the cold weather might be getting to me. Smile

DH and I have always planned to buy and RV after we retired and travel the US and attend college football games at all the cool stadiums. Not your typical "vacation" but definitely something we look forward to doing one day.

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I have a big list (in no particular order): Hawaii, New Zealand, Greek isles, Aruba, Prince Edward Island. We went to Ireland for a friend's wedding this past April/May and it was great! Traveling with an almost 3 year old (she turned 3 the day after we came home) was actually pretty easy and Ireland is very family-friendly.

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Would LOVE to be able to go to Spain with my husband. That is where my family is from and I got to go when I was 16 for a student ambassador program. I know my husband would love it as much as I did. To go back to Madrid, Barcelona and Toleda with him...absolutely my dream!!

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I think I'd like to go to some of the places I've been before, but see them again through my daughter's eyes. I used to live in the Czech Republic, I've spent a lot of time in England. Thailand/Cambodia was one of my best ever trips. Tanzania including Zanzibar was such a cool place to visit. She's such a great traveller and seems to really soak up a place, I bet she would love to see these places. Since we are American, we tend to use up our trip time visiting family in Michigan and Ohio, and don't go around much...

My husband has a conference in Orlando in May, so we'll likely be going to Disney World then...We went to Disneyland a year and a half ago. I remember her running ahead of us with her arms in the air yelling, "I am having so much fun!!!" Biggrin Its great to travel with an enthusiastic kid!