Question about movement for the experts

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Question about movement for the experts

Okay, so I still haven't felt this little man move. How long did it take you to feel your first little one from the inside? Then, after that how long was it until your DH or you were able to feel baby from the outside? I know it takes longer for first timers, but ugh...I just want to feel him moving so I know he is okay.

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I know that where your placenta is in your uterus plays a role in how much you can feel the baby move. Like if its in the front, you may not feel the baby so much from the outside. DH felt this lil guy for the first time last week at 20weeks. I started feeling him move at about 16 weeks I think??

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Yes, and it also depends on the baby. DS1 was pretty mellow in utero and I don't remember feeling him move as early or as often. This one is all over the place and I felt him super early and DH has been able to feel him from the outside for a few weeks now. I can see my belly jumping around in the evening when he is most active, and I know it was much later that I could see my belly move with DS1. I think it is normal for a FTM not to feel the baby move as late as 20 weeks. You may also just not recognize the sensations, at first it can feel a lot like gas or a muscle twitch and you might not even notice it. Even the second time, it took me a little while to be sure I was really feeling the baby. In any case, you will definitely feel something soon!

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I have been feeling this LO for about 3 weeks, however, even when I put DH's hand on my belly and I feel the kicks, he can't. I know in another few weeks the baby will get really active but it is hard to wait, hmm? If your placenta is in the front (mine was last time) it can take longer to feel the baby since he/she will kick the placenta instead of you. It won't be long now!

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I still haven't felt any movement. I feel a few brushes but that is it. I didn't feel my 1st until about 20-21 weeks but it wasn't more then a week or so after that that before DH could feel him too.

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I would say you should be able ot feel it any day now - then maybe a few more weeks for DH ot feel from the outside... I have been feeling movement for weeks now - but DH can rarely ever feel it - even the big kicks!

def. takes longer to feel your first though... it will come!

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My first I didn't feel til 20 weeks; This one around 16...DH felt it about 19 weeks on the outside...It's different for everyone, so don't worry!! Any day now!!