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The past few days I have been soooo grumpy. Anyone else? Is this normal? I know it's normal to be emotional, but instead of teary I've just been *****y. Everything pisses me off. I'm trying hard not to lose it with DS because he is two, none of it is his fault, and I am unreasonably grumpy right now and I know it. DH on the other hand...well, I'm trying!

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I am like that too. I wasn't like this when I was pregnant with DS. I find myself getting angry so easily. I also had two really aggressive dreams last night. In the first dream, I flipped out on my mom and wrote her off, which is very far from reality, because we are very very very close. The other one was DH and I fought and agreed to divorce. Again, we have not beeing fighting and that is pretty far from reality. I am surprised at how easily I get mad anymore.

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Maggie - I think its normal. I have been super emotional but also i have been snapping at the drop of a hat - I was so nasty to DS today and told him to go to his roomfor spilling my OJ! Within like 30 seconds i felt sooooo bad and got him from his room anf told him I was a bad mommy and needed a time out - so he gave me one then I apologized and he forgave me.... also doesn't help that i am sick, so is DS and everone I would normally call to come and watch DS to give me a hand...

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Yes, I am stalking you! Bwa ha ha ha ha...

Anyways, I was a crazy beyotch for the whole first trimester. Often it was associated with being hungry, I found. If I ate some food I would feel much better.

My finest moment was one night when I was making dinner, the sink was full of dishes, Izzy was pulling at my leg, and Jason said something that rubbed me the wrong way (can't remember what it was) and I had to physically restrain myself from throwing a plate at him!!! Then I shouted, "You can finish making dinner yourself!" and went upstairs to cry in my bed. Lol :lol: A few minutes later he sheepishly brought me a plate of food and was like, "Ummm...what happened?" and I said "I think I just got too hungry."

So yes, I was overly angry too. After second trimester it went away.

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Meee? Grumpy? Never! Wink

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It's definitely the worst if I get hungry. I feel less grumpy if I eat a snack. The worst part of the day though is right after dinner, when I start getting really tired, but have to pull myself together to clean up the kitchen, do the dishes and get Griff ready for bed. I am ready for bed myself at that point and it just feels like I still have SO FAR to go before I can relax. It makes me feel mad.

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I am definitely having some swings...the challenge is not taking it out on my poor students at school. I hadn't really made the association between low blood sugar and being crabby, but I think that is definitely part of the problem for me, too.