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ringworm - updated

I went to see my MW on Tuesday and she said I have ringworm on my torso. I thought it was eczema. She didn't have any advice as to what I could use, so I stopped at the pharmacy on my way home. Lots of the athlete's foot/jock itch creams also cure ringworm (which is a fungus, not a parasite). Anyway, the pharmacist would not recommend anything since I am pregnant and said to call my GP. So I did on Wed AM. Today, I get a call after 5pm from my GP saying she won't recommend anything since I am pregnant unless she or a dermatologist sees it to confirm. So now I have to try to get an appt with her tomorrow, and I have so much work to do. Grr. Do any of you have personal experience with this? Any medicine your doctor recommended in case I can't get in to see my GP tomorrow? Thanks.

Guess what? I saw the dermatologist on Friday and she said it's not ringworm, it's eczema (which I have never had when I am not pregnant). I have been using a steroid cream twice a day and the fantastic moisturizer CeraVe ($17 at CVS but so worth it) right when I get out of the shower. It has cleared up so much and I don't have to worry about giving DD and DH ringworm. I am hoping the eczema clears up once I deliver. One problem solved!

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No experience, but that sucks that you are getting the runaround. Any updates?

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Do you have A pic? I have something on my arm that I've been told is eczema, but I disagree......I've also wondered if this is what I have??

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Well, I did get into see my GP. I waited 40 minutes in the waiting room and finally saw her for less than 5 minutes total. It is ringworm. Mrs. Disel, just google it, it looks like a red circle with regular skin in the center. Anyway, she called the dermatologist and then called me to say buy Lamasil (an athlete's foot cream). I had to pay $20 (copay) and then another $13 for an over the counter medicine and lose 1 hour of my day. It's been a rough week at work (not pregnancy related) and I am just happy it's the weekend and that I have something to clear up the rash (hopefully). I really do like my GP, just not this visit at all. She was excited for me about the pregnancy and told me I look 25 years old (which is really nice since I am 36). Anyway, hope you all have nice weekends.

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Let me just warn you ringworm takes forever!! to get rid of. At least 6 weeks and be careful not to let it spread to other parts of your body or to the kids. I had it last year and for months it would keep comming back and one of the kids would get it and then gve it back to me. If you still have it after you deliver they can give you a stronger medication that will clear it up quicker Smile

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*Lurker* I have to say, We had ringworm once and it must have taken 6 months to completely get rid of it once the entire family had it. It was the worse 6 months of my life. We had to wash all the bedding and towels daily, treat all the animals daily, use special shampoos, shampoo our carpets, bleach every surface in our house daily. It was literally like having a 2nd full time job. Try to get a handle on it before it gets out of control!!!!!:confused: Makes me angry just thinking about it!