Ronan's Birth Story

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Ronan's Birth Story

I wrote up my birth story, but it is pages long. Funny because it was such a short birth! But, I am the kind of person to want to capture every detail so I will always remember. But I don't think all of you need every detail. Also still have not downloaded pics from the camera yet (been a little busy) but I hope to get to that soon and will post some pics then. Anyway, I am liking this bullet point thing Mara started. The basics are:
-Went in with a false start on June 28 and ended up spending an entire exhausting and extremely boring night in the birth center for nothing. But did dilate to a 3.5 while we were there, so i guess that was something
-Expected to go into labor later in the day on the 29th or for sure within a day or two. Three days later, nothing. Same old prodromal contractions with no progression.
-on July 3, went for a walk with my MIL and DS, scrubbed the bathtub and bathroom floor, and spent lots of time on hands and knees as I was starting to suspect there was a position issue holding up the works.
-At about 9 p.m., got done putting DS down and DH and I put on a movie. About halfway through, I started having some weird painful sensations that didn't exactly feel like contractions, but something was going on. Then I went to the bathroom and saw some bloody show. Decided to eat a bowl of ice cream, and if things were still happening I'd call the midwife.
-Things were still happening, by now real contractions that felt like "yes, this is what it felt like when DS was born" so I got up and walked around to make sure it would continue. It did, so DH called the midwife and just told her we were on our way.
-Drove to the birth center in a HUGE thunderstorm! Was funny because earlier that day I had said to MIL that I thought the baby would come "thundering out" when he finally came because I'd already made some progress. Had stronger contractions the whole drive, but still pretty far apart (6-7 mins).
-Arrived at the birth center and contractions virtually stopped! Laurie decided to go take a nap, told me to do some hands and knees to try and get baby anterior, and they did their 20 min strip on the baby. He was doing fine. They didn't admit me yet because it was looking like yet another potential false start (although I had a feeling it was just the calm before the storm).
-Hung out on my hands and knees for a while, and like magic, the contractions started again. They got stronger and closer together FAST, I went from almost no contractions to 1-2 minutes apart and agonizing. I started having to vocalize through them and I had DH press on my hips during them, which helped. We'd been at the birth center maybe an hour at this point.
-Nurse came in and said she was going to wake up Laurie (I'm sure they could hear me at the nurses station right next door).
-By the time Laurie arrived I was on hands and knees clutching the birth ball for dear life and kind of singing at the top of my lungs during contractions. They were INTENSE! At one point I said to Laurie that it was horrible, expecting her to reprimand me with some comment about being positive, but she just said "yeah, this is pretty intense" in a way that was like "most women do not experience this." Oddly, it made me feel better that she agreed that it was horrible (sort of).
-Pretty soon, after an hour or so of these crazy contractions, my body just started pushing. I said so, and it was go time. Water broke on the next contraction. I changed positions a few times, to a birth stool, then on the bed using a push bar to push my feet against. Pushing was hard work, it had not been hard at all with DS, so this was a new experience for me.
-Finally his head was coming out, Laurie had me try to stop pushing (yeah right) and pant. On the next contraction his head was out. Then what felt like an eternity later, another contraction and his body was out. They told me to look down and DH and Laurie put the baby on my chest. I opened my eyes in time to see them passing him up to me, he was facing me with his eyes open. It was an amazing moment.
-DH cut the cord, I held him and tried to nurse him (unsuccessfully that time, but did it later). Then the nurse weighed him in the room with us. We took guesses first about how much he'd weigh. We knew he was bigger than little DS who had only been 6 lbs 9 oz. I guessed 8 lbs, DH guessed 8 lbs 3 oz, I forget what Laurie and the nurse guessed. He was 8 lbs 10 oz, more than 2 lbs bigger than DS, and had an almost 15 inch head. No wonder he had been more work to push out!

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Wow! Big boy. Congratulations!