Rough Couple of Days (Trip to ER)~Blah!!

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Rough Couple of Days (Trip to ER)~Blah!!

For 6 years we tried for this baby and went through hell to get here, I was hoping once I actually got preg things would calm down......WRONG!! So to start off I have had a cold that will not go away for like 3 weeks, that I could deal with. This past Wed I was awoken out of a dead sleep with HORRIBLE stomach pain, I had never had anything like that. It was not down low where baby is, but like on my sides and up in my diaphram. I spent the night crying in pain on the bathroom floor and after 3 hrs it went away. I thought maybe it was just a weird pregnancy thing??? I called my OB and she had me come in for a UA to rule out a bladder infection. Fast forward to Friday morning I woke up out of a dead sleep at 3 a.m. with the worst pain of my life. I have had 2 children and this pain was way worse than childbirth/labor. I crawled to the bathroom and I don't remember much after that. I, at some point threw up all over the bathroom and passed out. My DH said he heard me screaming and came into the bathroom and called 911. I remember being loaded up into the ambulance and them starting an IV and they gave me some pain meds and I must have passed back out. Once they gave me pain meds and anti nausea meds in the ER I felt a bazillion times better. So they did a whole bunch of tests and found that my gallbladder was super inflamed. Awesome. So then I felt like a huge baby becuase I thought how much pain can a gallbladder cause?? But 2 of my friends who have had theirs removed assured me that they thought the pain was worse than childbirth too, so then I didn't feel so bad lol. The ER Dr. said they would normally take it out, but since that is not ideal durring pregnancy it was best to change my diet and take things out that are not gallbladder friendly, and hope it behaves and does not become infected while preg. So we were relased Friday afternoon and then my OB calls about my UA turns out I also have 2 types of bacteria that only respond to a category C antibiotic. Being that we have gone through so much to get preg with this baby I don't even want to take a Tylenol let alone something that could be potentially harmful to our baby. But if I don't take it I will no doubt get a kidney infection and we can't have that either. So I am taking it and holding my breath. Yesterday, (sat) I woke up with a fever and a super sore throat, puking. So I called my nurse line and they said to go to urgent care. Turns out I also have strep and the flu..........ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!! I told my husband that is it!! I am living in a germ free plastic bubble for the next 6 months, because this is freaking insane. I rarely get sick, maybe a cold every other year. I get pregnant and suddenly I have like no immune system. I will say after being on antibiotics for all my troubles and changing my diet I am starting to feel human again. I just hope this is it!! I just want a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. Ok sorry vent/rant over, I just needed to complain a bit. So if you read all of this thanks for listening Smile

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Wow Carissa. I really hope you are feeling back to your usual self soon. If this helps at all, my SIL did not know she was pregnant with her 2nd and thought she was really sick with a cold, etc, so she took tons of OTC drugs. My niece, now 13, is totally fine (just a small tooth problem that the dentist fixed and who knows if that was due to the drugs). She's smart and a terrific athlete. So hang in there and feel better.

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OMG that sounds horrible!! You poor thing Sad I've had gallbladder problems while pregnant before so i can relate. I had mine removed a few months after birth. I know that pain is horrible!! I hope and pray you get well soon and the rest of your pregnancy goes a lot smoother.

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OMG!!! That is so crazy! Gallbladder, step and FLU! You dessrve an award!
I am sure everything will be fine with the baby...Get some rest! Hope you feel better soon

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Oh, that stinks! I had a kidney stone when I was pregnant with DS and it was pretty painful. I couldn't do anything but sit on the edge of the couch and swear. But what you are dealing with sounds worse, and just so many things at once! Are you working? Can you stop, at least for a couple weeks? Could be your body's way of telling you to take it easier. Good luck, I hope it all resolves soon and you feel better.

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Oh wow! I can't believe you have so many illnesses at once! You'd think you'd catch a break!

So sorry about the gallbladder problems. I think that's what one of my May08 mamas had during her 2nd pregnancy, but I think hers looked like preggo puking, so she didn't get diagnosed until after she had her baby and was miserable for a year. At least now you know what the diagnosis is so you can try some diet modifications. I really hope those work! And I also hope you start feeling better soon! Being sick while pregnant is the worst, and multiple sicknesses just sounds terrible!

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You poor thing. Sorry so many things hit you all at once. I can sympathize about the gallbladder. During DS's pregnancy mine got bad but none of the doctors were able to diagnose it until the week after DS was born. By that point mine was so bad that I had it out 17 days post partum. I wasn't even healed but they didn't want to wait any longer.

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Thanks ladies. Smile I am feeling A LOT better now. The diet changes seemed to have helped since I haven't had anymore episodes. I think the worst is over with the flu, I am just glad that is all over. I hope I took care of all the sickness and crud for the whole board, and that no body else will have to get sick now. Smile

Maggie- No, not working I am a full time student, and mommy. Thankfully I am still on break right now.

Mandie- Yikes! 17 days post partum?? I bet that was rough you poor thing. I hope I can have mine out a little later than that.