Saw my baby today!!!

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Saw my baby today!!!

I had my dating ultrasound today...The little nugget is measuring 7w5d which puts my due date at July 5th...And we saw the heartbeat!!! So exciting, it just brought tears to my eyes, and although this will be my third child, It feels just like my first!! Just wanted to share with everyone!! Smile We are telling are 2 girls tonight, then my folks tomarrow....My hubbys fam. on thanksgiving....Let the announcements begin!!

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Yay, how exciting!!! I'm glad you had a great appointment! I can't wait for my first ultra sound which is 2 weeks away:(. I hope that your girls are happy and have fun telling everyone:)

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Hooray and congrats! I can't wait to tell DD (although I am not sure how she'll react).

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Congrats! How exciting to be ready to tell everyone. Are they going to be super surprised?

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Super exciting!! What a fun week of telling everyone.

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That is so exciting that you got to see your little bean. And what a relief that you finally get to tell people. I am so jealous.

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Awesome so happy you got to see your bean!! I'm sure your DDs will have fun telling people I know my niece did! I dunno when first US is for me but first appointment is coming up and we will get to hear HB at least!

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How exciting! I was just telling a friend that it doesn't matter if it's your first or your tenth, seeing that tiny baby on u/s never gets old! Makes me cry every time! Have fun with the announcements!!