scared to death

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scared to death

I introduced myself a while ago, and I haven't been posting at all. Sorry to dump this on you girls, but I just need a little support.

I had the 1st trimester screening - blood and ultrasound. My ob said that the ultrasound looked fine, so the "bad" result is coming from the blood test. My risk of have a trisomy 13 or 18 baby is 1 in 5. Our choices at this point are a CVS, an amnio, or nothing. I can't do nothing...I just need to know. We have an appointment with a genetic counselor tomorrow morning, and I have an appointment for a CVS on Wednesday morning. I just keep reminding myself that there's an 80% chance everything is ok.

I'm due 7/28 - so 13 weeks 2 days today.

Thanks ladies!

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That is stressful, but like you said that gives you a 4 in 5 chance of things being okay. I have had the bloodwork done and have the NT test scheduled for Thursday and am anxious to get it done and get the numbers. I am like you I would want to know. How long does it take to get results from the CVS test?

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Oh no, that is scary. I think you are right to be reminding yourself that odds are still pretty good. When I got the NT done, the counselor reminded us that it's only a screening, that some of the trisomies will still not show up or there will be increased risks for no reason. So none of this is foolproof but it sure is scary!

I agree with you that it's best to know, that's how I would feel too, I think. Big hugs to you this week, and keep us posted!

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The test takes 7-10 days for results. I've seen some stuff online about quick results in 1-3 days, but that wasn't info from my hospital - which actually said 7-10 days. I have a regular ob appointment on Monday, and I'm really hoping he'll have results then.

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Big hugs to you! How scary! Just keep focusing on that 4 in 5 chance of a healthy baby. Let us know what happens. I will be thinking of you.

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I just want to say good luck. Hugs. Do something really nice for yourself.