Scheduled first appt

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Scheduled first appt

I just called and scheduled my first OB appt Smile I am so excited! I LOVE my OB! I go on Dec 9, so I'll be right at 7 weeks. I wanted to wait until I was far enough that they'd see something on u/s. Ugh, the dreaded 2ww is over (well not technically, but I got a BFP) and now the wait starts again for my appt. I just get really nervous because of my history. I won't be able to relax at all until I see that little heartbeat. Plus, we are waiting to tell people until after the u/s. Hopefully all the holiday activities will keep me somewhat occupied!

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Yay! Congrats! Hope the wait for the appt goes fast for is so aweful waiting...

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Good luck Belinda! I'm so excited for you! I've been quietly stalking you and I'm so happy that you got your BFP this time. Congratulations sweetie!

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Congrats!! Hope this time passes quickly for you and you see something at your u/s at 7 weeks.

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Congrats!! We are waiting to tell everyone too...I've known I've been pregnant for like 3 weeks already it is soooo hard!! I don't know how I got a BFP so early; I wasen't keeping track of how many dpo I was, but our 7 week ultrsound is in a week, and I am so excited!! I have also had 2 losses, so that is what we are waiting for too....To see that little heart beating!! Hopefully by thanksgiving the secret will be out! Good luck!


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Thanks ladies! Leah- Really hoping you get your BFP in the next 1-2 weeks!!
Katie- Hoping the next week goes by fast for you and you have a super exciting Thanksgiving!!

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Yay for the 1st appointment scheduled! I've have plenty of RE visits, but I can't wait to finally be released to my regular OB and have that 1st appointment there!

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So exciting that you have a date to look forward to. Hope you get to see your bean's little heart beating.

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Awesome! I can't wait for mine....December 19th!!! Just be glad you don't have to wait that long! Biggrin LOL

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"MrsDisel" wrote:

Awesome! I can't wait for mine....December 19th!!! Just be glad you don't have to wait that long! Biggrin LOL

Dangggg, that seems so unfair!! I'd go nuts.. lol

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Belindaa congratsss im soo happy for uuu!! Ill be stalking uuuu yayyy lol!!