Second trimester

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Second trimester

My ticker moved to the middle section! Woo hoo! I have been counting myself as second tri since 12 weeks, but it's still great to see!

I am due 7/28 and I will hit 14 weeks on Saturday, so by any trimester calculation, we are all pretty much there. The last possible July due date will hit 14 weeks on 1/31. Then we can really settle in for the long haul. Maybe come up with some birth board names?! Smile

How's everyone doing in the second tri? I am still super tired this week, more tired at 12-13 weeks than any time before. But we should all be feeling pretty good by now, yes?

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I have been really tired this week too. Not sure why. I was thinking maybe it was the weather, as it has been really, really, cold here lately. At least we have the sun out, but its too cold to go out and enjoy it!

Yea for second trimester! IT always feels like such a relief to me when I get there.

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I have been super tired too and am now getting a cold on top of my usual tired. I feel like I am dragging myself to work every day.

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My nausea is mostly gone now thank goodness, but I am still totally wiped out all the time. I could sleep all day long if I didn't have kiddos to take care of lol. I am hoping that some of my energy will come back soon.

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Yay, and welcome to your second trimester! It's such a great feeling. I am feeling MUCH better than I was. I am more tired than my normal self, but I expect that to remain throughout the pregnancy (and only get worse once the baby comes and I don't get to sleep anymore!) I'm not as totally exhausted as I was, but still would take a nap in the afternoon if I could (I can't) and seem to be able to sleep 9-10 hours at night and still be tired in the a.m. Wink DH is being pretty understanding and letting me sleep in when he can.
As far as BB names, how about something really summery? I admit I am daydreaming of those balmy summer days right about now, it is FREEZING here in Vermont. Fireflies? I can't really think of what. Some kind of good smelling flower or summer garden item, sweet peas, fireflies, sunflowers?

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Yay 2nd trimester! I thought it was so far away before. Bulletin board names, how fun. I was really energetic yesterday and I even went to pilates class (doing modifications for pregnancy) but today I am dragging. I feel asleep on the couch before dinner when DD and DH were playing upstairs.

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I'm right there with you. I am a couple of days behind you but I have been saying I am in second tri since I hit 13 weeks. I think I am the last one for July. On my Dec 10 board I was due at the very beginning so it is weird being the last one to hit everything and can't believe there are people already finding out what the gender is.

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lurking...Congrats on moving up! I'm due 8/3 and turned 13wks today and consider myself 2nd trimester. I love watching the tickers slowly move up. I agree with PP too about watching it all happen. With my DS I was near the middle, but this time I'm the first on my BB and it's a little surreal getting to post things "first" as they happen.

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Yeah I was due the 21st last time around, so near the end of the month, but not as far back as this time around. It is weird to be a full month behind some of you lucky ladies!

I also had the worst of both worlds on my first BB- Besides being one of the last to hit fun pregnancy milestones, my son was born early, so one of the first, so I had to figure out all the parenting problems as a first time mom by myself because no one had had their babies yet! Smile

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Yay for hitting the second tri. I am not as tired as I was but I am still sick and having to take my medicine.

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Yeah for 2nd tri!!! I'm still waiting for the energy to pick up but the nausea has decreased alot. Hopefully now I can start getting some calories in so I can stop loosing so much weight!!