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Anyone else having a hard time keeping their pregnancy mum? With my history ideally we would wait until we see a heartbeat and baby in the right spot, but with things looking So good it is hard not to share the excitement.......

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When I was pregnant with DD We told only some family and close friends. After everything was ok is when we told everyone else. I had a hard time keeping it in, especially from my mom, I found out I was pregnant in April and I wanted to wait till Mothers day in May to surprise her with the news. Was very hard trying to keep it from her for that long. Once she knew that's when we told the rest of the family. If we get pregnant this cycle I'm not sure how things are going to be. We might wait till Xmas to surprise everyone, but who knows Lol

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I would have definitely caved and told me mom if I weren't planning to do the "Big Brother" T-shirt announcement thing with DS at thanksgiving. I really want to see how long it takes for her or my dad to notice. Knowing them it could be hours! I've only told DH (of course), my two sisters and one close friend (and I only told her because she told me when she was 6 weeks along, so I did the same and told her yesterday).

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We told my DH's family right away when I was pregnant with DS because they knew about our fertility treatments and they live close to us. We decided that if anything was wrong it would be nice to have their support, too. My mom lives in GA (we're in IA) and we decided to wait until I was in the second tri before we told her because she didn't even know we were trying. It was so hard to keep the secret when we had been trying for such a long time. We were just worried about having to UNtell everyone if we spread the word early. I had spotting in the first tri that helped me not spread the word too far.

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I was wanting to wait as long as possible, but I failed and have started telling people, I just couldn't help it I'm too excited!! I am, however, only telling family and close friends for now.

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I have told just a few people at work and that is it. Basically the people who need to know if I go running out tossing my cookies. Smile I am very friendly with my principal and nurse so they both know. My fellow music teacher, and one other teacher who was going to the same re practice and we had run into each other a lot there. (She's about 4 months along!) We are waiting to see a heartbeat before we tell our families, and everybody else will be at new years (which is about the end of the 1st tri for me.)

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I really wanted to wait to tell everyone however DH is super excited and had to tell I think the whole planet. I'm not super comfortable with it but I figure it will work out.. I haven't told my boss yet. Kinda just waiting to see what happens. I'm super paranoid with this pg so I hope all will be ok

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We told my mom and DH's parents within 2 hours of taking the test.... I know that's crazy but we are both so close with our parents we would never be able to keep the secret and we both wanted to tell the parents together not when we were apart.

The next morning DS (alomst 3) came into my bed and rested his head on my belly and said "Mommy, I think I hear a baby in there!" DH and I were in such shock that we told him! I know that was REALLY crazt to tell him so soon but it just sorta happened!

Ended up telling my dad and step mom 2 days later b/c I was so tired, sick and withdrawing for caffine and nictoine i thought I might jump off a bridge so I called them over to watch DS so I could rest, etc... really just was scared to be alone with DS - I was crying so much and didn't want him to see me like that..

DH wanted to wait until Thanksgiving to tell his siblings (3) but I knew it would never work... 2 days after testing my SIL came over to visit me and offered to pick me up a coffee on the way over.... when I decline she kinda knew, then within 10 mins of our visit my DS blurted out "MNommy has a baby in her tummy" and SIL said "I knew it when you didn't want a coffee!" So since we told her DH told his brother right away then my other SIL the next time we saw her.

But basically - all those people (except my son) are the people I would need support from if something happened so we figured it was ok

We are waiting on most other family members until AT LEAST our Dr. appt this Thursday - maybe longer depends how far along I am and if we see a heartbeat...

I feel like I will wait until I can't wait any longer to tell my job - I work for a very small office - 1 boss and me and 2 other part time women - last time I was preggo one of the women had just found out she was preggo 10 weeks earlier and resented the fact that I like stole her thunder or whatever and really hasn't spoke to me since (over 3 years later) its just SOOO awkward b/c there are only 3 people that work in our office, i hate being the outcast - anyway, she really wants a second baby bad and $ is an issue so she will TOTALLY resent me and possibly stab me in the parking lot (JK) if she finds out i am preggo again! BUT DH and I are thinking(HOPING..PLEASE...PLEASE...) we can afford for me not to go back to work after baby #2 so I won't have to deal with her too much longer....

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This secret is killing me!

We took the test on Sunday, got it confirmed with my internist on mon and now I am just holding it in. I have weekly/biweekly margarita date with girls from work and I planned to tell them yesterday when I had to order a virgin margarita. Then, one of them couldn't make it literally at the last minute so I secretly ordered it without telling them. I told my mom yesterday because I thought I had to tell the girls but I decided to wait and tell them all at once. So she is the only person that knows and she is very good at keeping my secrets.

I think I should wait a while longer since I am soooo early and this is our first pregnancy and I am 32. I guess I am kind of worried about explaining if something goes wrong. I thought about telling people after our first meeting with the midwife next week. Maybe a select few when we know all is well, and then more ppl at thanksgiving because I won't be drinking which will be odd. lol The ppl at thanksgiving have BIG mouths so once they know, the world will know. So maybe I should tell the people that I want to tell personally before we leave for the trip or while we are there. Or maybe I should just not fret on how extended family and friends learn about it as long as we tell the people closets to us ourselves.

What do yall think? I don't want everyone to know but I am really excited and I want to talk to someone about it! I am new to this so I don't know what to do and I don't really know what I want. Just writing this message helped a little though, lol.

Whew....had to get that out. :):)

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I find it very hard to keep it a secret. I have had 4 m/c (2 chemical) in the past year. I am so excited now and totally making plans in my head for this LO. The timing couldn't be more perfect. It's especially going to be hard with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up as we'll be with both sides of the family, and we all like to drink so it will be obvious to anyone paying attention. I tested today and told DH, my good friend at work and my sister (she asked me because she claimed I look pregnant) and of course all of you. I will be keeping it a secret from everyone else until mid-Jan when I hit the 1st trimester or until family gatherings at the holidays. Here's to a HH9M for all of us!

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I haven't even told my DH yet!! I can't believe I have been able to keep it a secret. He is traveling right now and won't be home until Tuesday night. I think I am doing to try the whole Big Brother shirt for DS to wear and wait until DH notices.

But typically I tell myself I am not going to tell anyone and by 12 weeks I have told a dozen people. This time I am going to try and be better and not tell anyone until I have heard the heartbeat.