Shall we start the Baby Shower Gift Exchange?

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Shall we start the Baby Shower Gift Exchange?

First day of May is tomorrow........Which leaves 2 months til July. Should we start preparing for a Baby Shower Gift exchange?? I know we had a few ladies interested in doing this a while back.

Here is the questionnaire I came up with that we will out and send in when its time to do the "sign up" (not now). Can you think of anything else that needs to be added that should be considered while shopping??

First and Last Name
Due Date
What’s the weather like in July where you live in?
Nursery Themes?
Registered Anywhere?
Anything you don’t need/want/won’t use?
Any colors you don’t like?
Does it matter if its organic or not?
Anything else?

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WHat about something about older siblings? Because if you have a boy already, and are having another boy, you might appreciate an outfit, but not really need the 'basics' for boys.