Sick days?

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Sick days?

I currently have about 16 days worth of sick leave accumulated for work and I am not sure what to do. If I don't use it and don't go back to work then I can cash them out but only at 30% of their value. If I do want to go back to work than it will be nice to use those after the baby is born.
Here is the hard part, I will be deciding whether I go back to work once they have told me what classes they would want me to teach next year. I am full time right now but would only want to teach 1-2 classes and I am not sure if they would be willing to give me that schedule. The admin doesn't tell us what we will teach for the following year until May, usually a week or two before school is out.
I have been dragging myself into work despite feeling quite miserable on some days but thinking maybe I should start taking some of the sick days off.

Any opinions or ideas?

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I would say to use some of them at least. There's no reason to torment yourself by going in if you really feel that poorly. I wouldn't try to use them all, at least not yet, but I also wouldn't hesitate to use them if you need them.

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Iagree - use them if you need them, but don't 'TRY" to get through them in case you go in daycare get very sick their first year and you will need them (in my opnion)

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I agree with the PP, use them if you must, but try to save them for later just in case Smile

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Can you talk to the admin ahead of time since it's a special circumstance?

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I am hesitant to talk to admin because I know once I do word will get out and I haven't yet decided that I am ready for that. That and the fact that they are not supportive of any personal issues teachers go through. It is kind of a take care of your own business type environment, one reason I am thinking of not coming back.