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OMG, okay someone please tell me if this is normal. Lately my left hip has been killing me when I sleep. I am a rather fit and healthy person, not over weight and have never had problems with my joints or anything until now. Is there any relief for this? My bump is not that big yet and yet at night my back is killing me and I always stretch before I go to bed thinking it will help me sleep, but it doesn't. I can't imagine getting bigger and having these problems get worse...

At the dr appt yesterday I mentioned the back pain and she suggested heating pad for 15 min, Tylenol, and massage. I really don't want to have to take pills every night for this pain.

I try to sleep on my left side, but that left hip is not having it so I flip to my right side and it still can't get comfy, so it's just tossing and turning all night and I do sleep with a pillow between my legs. I actually just switched from my mid body pillow to a normal pillow thinking that would help, but it hasn't.

Any suggestions? Is this what's its going to be like from here on out?

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Yes, it is totally normal! All of the growing going on, combined with the hormones that loosen up your ligaments during pregnancy, will cause you to have a lot of aches and pains that you are not accustomed to. Especially when you are sleeping or on your feet for an extended amount of time.

I do not think there are any magical cures for this, unfortunately.

Here are some things you can try that may help -
Prenatal Yoga in the evening
Warm baths before bed
Prenatal massage
Pillow between the knees (or try having one that goes under your belly, between your knees and all the way in between your ankles)
Seeing a chiropractor that is trained to work with pregnant women

I just ordered an amber necklace. Many people claim they are very helpful as a natural pain reliever because of the acid it releases into your body. They are pretty so I figured if it doesn't work, at least I will have a new necklace! It was my DH's Valentine's gift for me.

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Totally normal. I have had it with every one of my pregnancies and it is by far my least favorite part. This pregnancy I have been seeing my chiro regualry and that seems to help some, plus we just bought a new mattress which made a HUGE difference! I also find that sleeping with a pillow between my legs all the way down to my ankles helps. My chiro said it is important to make sure if you sleep with something between your knees make sure it gies all the way down to your ankles too, otherwise it will make things worse. Also I find that if I use all my pillows to make a wedge under my belly so that I can kind of be rolled onto my tummy while taking the pressure off my hip helps too. With my DS I had to take a Tylenol PM every night at the end to get any sleep because the pain gets a little intense. I hope it gets better for you and that you can find something that works for you!!!

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Oh and I forgot to mention that I often ask DH to run Bio Freeze, (like Icy Hot) on my hips before bed, I smell like I am 90 years old, but hey what ever works right Wink

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Yes, normal. I've been having the hip pain on my left side and lower back pain at night. I used a body pillow with DS and I am about to bust it back out again after last night. Wedging a pillow under my back helps too, although it makes it harder to move around. If you have a firm mattress, try getting a 2-4 inch memory foam topper. We have a very firm mattress and putting the topper on it made a HUGE difference and we didn't have to buy a whole new mattress. If you already have a soft mattress though, it might just make it worse. I'm not sure doing yoga at night helps much, but doing some cat/cows in the morning definitely helps get the kinks out when you get up. Propping with pillows is the best thing I can think of to do though. Prop everything!

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I got one of those pregnancy wedge pillows and it feels great! It supports the belly (not totally necessary quite yet, but still feels good, and I remember from last time was necessary by the end!) and keeps me from twisting my body over and over-rotating my hips quite as much.

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I have been having a hard getting comfy at night too and it has really started to affect my sleep. I am going to have to get the body pillow out and hope that it helps. I use a heating pad in the evening every night and it helps ease the back pain.

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