Slightly concerned...

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Slightly concerned...

:help1: I have this vague concern that I am a month further along than I think. My LMP was Sept 25th, but I also got a very faint positive around that time, and my period was lighter and shorter than normal. It didn't even occur to me to test again after AF, I'd feel better if I had and knew for sure I was definitely not pregnant then. I feel like my belly is bigger than a 7.5 week belly, but I know people tend to "show" sooner with subsequent kids, so I don't know. It could just be all bloat. I mean, wouldn't it be pretty obvious at this point if I were a month further along? I have an appt scheduled with a midwife next week, but it is just a meet and greet. I am wondering about calling and asking if we can just make it a "real" appointment so that maybe she will listen for a hb at least. Should I say anything about this concern? I'm probably really 7.5 weeks, but it makes me nervous that there is a tiny chance I am more like 11.5 weeks and haven't really had any prenatal care yet. DH has pointed out that my worrywart tendencies have really intensified this pregnancy, I am worried to the point of being unable to sleep about things that I normally wouldn't give a second thought to, so I could be letting this loom larger in my mind than it really is.

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Call now and have her give your orders for a dating u\s!!!! I'm sure she would do it with that story. Then you don't have to wait!!

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I would tell her you are unsure of your dates and get in for an u/s. Particularly if you are planning to do an nt scan or anything other screening, if you are off by that much you could miss your opportunity. Definitely worth finding out for sure. :goodluck:

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Yeah, I agree. It sounds like you have reason to wonder. See if you can find out!

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hmmm.. that is strange about getting the faint BFP...I guess you could be futher along..
I would def. call the midwife and explain the situation - I am sure they would do an US for dating purposes...

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I agree with the others. Definitely call her and ask for an u/s.

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A faint BFP is still a BFP. You can't absolutely get a false negative but a false positive, yeah, doesn't really happen.

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I agree with everyone, I would definitely call and get an ultra sound. this month how many dpo were you when you got your positive and was the line dark? Not that that would give you an answer, I'm just curious:)

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I would definitely try to get a dating u/s. It would be neat if you were further along (I would love that!) since you would almost be out of your 1st trimester. Good luck!

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Well, I am fairly sure that I'm 7w4d, because I didn't feel pregnant after AF arrived in Sept, and didn't start feeling pg until after I got my BFP in October. The positive test was very faint at 12-13 dpo and it was an FRER and I guess those have been giving faint false positives. It's also possible it was evap, but it looked like a pretty clear line. AF arrived a day or two later and I just assumed it was a chemical and really didn't think about it again until recently.

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I hope that you get some answers soon. It must be frustrating to not know exactly how far along you are.

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I hope they do an u/s for you soon!! KUP!

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We are kind of in the same boat. Found you on Tuesday and went for a pt at the doctor on Thursday. Our estimated due date is July 11th, but that is just off my last monthly cycle, which I totally guessed at. First time for us, so I kind of though they would do for sure from a drug test or something lol.

My nurse told me to wait for the first appointment with our doctor (2 weeks) and she should be able to tell by feeling how far along I am, if it would be worth for an ultrisound or not at this point.