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Ugh, I seem to have caught some kind of virus/cold thing that I have had for over a week now and I never seem to get better, but just add new symptoms. Right now it is a horrid cough that gets so bad I throw up from it, not to mention my entire body hurts from coughing. I have tried all the natural ways to feel better, humidifier, hot tea with lemon and honey, lots of fluids, rest, yadda, yadda. I feel guilty for even taking a Tylenol. I did cave and call my Dr. today and she told me all these meds I can take, but I just son't feel right doing that, although I will admidt that at 3 a.m. when I am hacking my brains out it doesn't seem like such a bad idea. What would you ladies do? Take the meds? I guess I just feel the need to whine, not to mention it is finals week and I have no energy or desire to do any of that, oh and we are moving in 4 weeks, yeah I need to feel better ASAP!!! Plus both of my kids have been sick with rotating junk for like 2 weeks, my DS had pink eye, and ear infection, and strep all in the same week, (how does that even happen?!?!) This morning he woke up with a weird rash, and now my DD who just finished antibiotics last week for an ear infection woke up with a fever today. So we will be going back to the Dr.'s this afternoon. I am about ready to loose my ever loving mind over here. I seriously think everytime we go to the Dr. we pick up some new germ to pass around. BLAH!!!

Ok thanks for letting me vent/whine Smile

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I hope you feel better soon. I think I would cave and try some medicine. Especially if it helped me get some sleep so I could feel better and function better. I hope your whole family gets healthy ASAP!

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Ugh, sounds awful. I'd take something since you have 2 sick kids you have to take care of too. At this point, a little cold medicine OK'd be your dr isn't going to hurt the baby. Drink lots of tea! Feel better soon.

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If I was you I would take something at night when DH was going to be home so that I could get some sleep. Sleep will help you feel better faster than anything else.

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I would also take something. I had the bad cough cold in jan when it was going around and took the zpack and immediately started feeling better. Totally worth it.

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Thanks ladies. I did finally take some Sudafed and Tylenol to help me sleep at night and what a difference a good night sleep can make!!! I am finally starting to feel human again. I wish I would have taken some meds sooner......Oh well lesson learned Smile