Sooooo Jealous

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Sooooo Jealous

My friend just had her baby boy! She was due the 30th, I am due the 27th and we have been chatting non stop about status updates and how we are feeling and today I get a pic of her and her new arrival....SO Excited for her and desperately hoping I will follow soon. We were suppose to go into labor together at the same hospital, but she beat me...this little one better find some competitive spirit soon, but let me tell you he seems pretty comfy up in my ribs.

I don't think walking is the key, because I have been walking at least 5 miles everyday between malls, grocery stores, and morning neighborhood walks...and DTD isn't working either because we have DTD 4 times in the past 7 what am I left with...the worst one of all...RELAXING...being patient....ugh my weakest link, please send labor vibes ASAP because relaxing is bound to drive me nuts!

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I know the feeling, my friend and I had the same due date...her baby girl is a week old now and my baby boy is still hanging out!

I had a feeling it would happen as both my other kids were late (14 days and 6 days overdue) but a part of me was hopeful....but nope sitting here at 39 weeks 4 days with no signs of labour - have walked and walked to the point where I think I am going to need new shoes if he doesn't come soon, DTD, massage....and notta nothing zip zilch!

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Aw, sorry...I know what it's like to feel so anxious to be done and nothing is happening. So frustrating! I did NOT expect to go to my due date this pregnancy, and started expecting to go into labor anytime after 38 weeks, and DS2 ended up coming the day AFTER his due date! As hard as it is, try and relax and be patient, the baby will come when he's ready! I know it isn't what you want to hear, but it is totally normal and common for first time moms to go at least a week past their due dates. So you may still have some time. I'm not saying this to be annoying (although it probably is!), just to encourage you to sit back and enjoy the few days you have something nice for yourself, sleep as much as you can, make the most of it and try not to think too much about going into labor. Your baby WILL come out and it will be totally worth the wait Smile

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I am going to get a pedicure tomorrow. I try to plan at least one fun thing each day so it won't be so bad if I don't go into labor tonight.