Spotting: Trying Not To Stress ***UPDATE***

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Spotting: Trying Not To Stress ***UPDATE***

Well here I am, just hit my 8 week mark and how do I start it? By waking up at 3am to spotting! Not much, pink/red, no cramping and nothing since then. Of course I did not get back to sleep but rather sat up all night going down the infamous "what if" path. Im telling myself its just because DH and I DTD that night. My first doctors appointment is not until Monday and as if that felt far enough away already, now it feels like an ETERNITY! I don't want to freak myself out and call them because I will feel like I am just being a silly first timer. My mother said she spotted with me her whole pregnancy.

Sooo...just trying to keep my cool, lay low and think good thoughts... :cry:


well thank you everyone for encouraging me to go ahead and get in touch with my doctor. I started feeling some sharp pain and kept lightly spotting, so I gave my doctor a call. Since it was the weekend I was advised to go into ER and that is what I did. They got me in very fast and did a urine an blood test and two ultrasounds.

Sure enough we saw LO and it's doing just fine! Yay!! What a HUGE relief and amazing thrill to see that little shadow on the screen!! It did turn out though that I am much less far along than I had initially suspected. At only 5 weeks and 5 days that means my new EDD is Aug 6th. So I guess I will be picking myself up and heading over to join the august mommies to be. Buy I wanted to update everyone and say a big thankyou for your thoughts and encouragement!! HH9M to you all!!!

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I hope Monday gets here quickly so you can get answers. But don't hesitate to call your Doc. They have heard everything and really don't mind answering questions.

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Awww... that can be so nerve wrecking!
I would just try to take it easy def. can be fron DTD....

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Go ahead and call them, that's what you pay them for! Anyway, just a few drops and it stopped right away? I'll betcha its nothing. Feel better!!!

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It is most likely from DTD, but if you are worried, go ahead and call. It's not silly at all. My midwife practice tells us to call for any spotting at all. I guarantee you if I saw any blood I'd be on the phone, and I have no silly first timer excuse. There are all kinds of normal reasons for spotting during pregnancy and this is probably one of those times, but won't you feel better knowing it is nothing and not waiting until Monday? That does sound like an eternity. Good luck!

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I agree, call your Dr. that is what they are there for. I would call too if it were me and I am a 3rd timer. So def no shame in calling Smile I bet it was just from DTD, the cervix is soft and the blood vessels around it are engorged, so def a possibility. Hope you get some peace of mind soon Smile

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Oh, I'm sorry you're spotting, it is scary! I had some red blood last week and it was terrifying!

Do give them a call. My dr's pregnancy packet said spotting was normal after DTD, if that helps! Smile