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Ok, I know it's too early for symptoms but it seems like my sense of smell was quadrupled today! I work at a preschool and at one point I left the room and when I went back it I smelled a strong vomit smell. My co-teacher didn't smell anything. Then later, we went outside and I smelled a urine smell. Tonight, DS2 had a program at school. As I was sitting there in the auditorium waiting for it to start, I kept smelling BO. It would come and go but it was strong. Then a lady sat down behind me and the smell of cigarettes was so strong, I almost got up and moved. I'm sure it's all in my head and honestly I don't have a good feeling about this month but the super nose was one of my first symptom with my boys. UGH, I just need the next 5 days to hurry up and fly by! I was thinking of testing on Mon since I may have O'd on Friday so that would put me at 10dpo. I am SO impatient!!

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yes test monday! I'm impatient too i need to know if you are!!! i wonder if supernose would show up that early? My OBGYN said by time you get a BFP the spinal chord is already formed so who knows? That's why they want us taking prenatals in advance. I'm fine with it since my hair is already starting to get thicker Smile Good luck! Let us know on Monday when you test Wink

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Ughhh me 2 tonight i have like an urge to puke but im being bad im still in my 2WW from the June board but i miss you ladies !!

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Yup I noticed this too last night. Also I've feeling pretty icky too. I'm hoping we are.

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Oh Belinda - that sounds promising!!!

I'll be looking for your test on Monday just in case you break down and decide to pull out a frer or something.

Baby dust your way!!