Stretch Marks~

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Stretch Marks~

So as a 3x's mommy I am beyond being worried about them, but I came across this and loved it! So I had to share Smile

Be proud of your stretch marks!

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Aw, I love that! I avoided them with my first pregnancy since I only made it to 36 weeks. However, I'm as big as I was when I gave birth and I'm only 28 weeks. I'm sure they will pop up at some point! I'll call them zebra stripes. Wink

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I love this!

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Tears!!!! Love it!!

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That was great! And I feel that way about mine, although I tend to avoid bikinis because while I'm not sorry I have them, I'm also not anxious to show them to the world. I thought I was going to get away without any last pregnancy because they didn't show up until I was 38 weeks! Then all of a sudden, there they were. I know I'll see them again soon Smile