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Anyone else sweating like crazy? Its not even THAT hot here. DH told me that I sweat like I am running a marathon while I am sleeping Smile And I just vacuumed and mopped the floor, and sweat is literally dripping off my forehead. It is gross! I feel like a fat sweaty, stinky pregnant lady!

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Not sweating too bad, but definitely more than my norm. I am really hot, and I know it isn't THAT hot. Lately I'm living in a tank top and skirt and sitting by the fan even in the evening when everyone else is putting on sweatshirts and closing the window because they are cold! So glad I won't be hugely pregnant in August when it really IS this hot.

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Yup, I sweat more than normal, of course it has been more humid than normal here too. It feels gross though, because normally not preg I rarely have to even wear deodorant, these days I have to carry it in my purse. I am also afraid of what my gas bill will be this month because I have been keeping the house at 68 degrees, my kids have been wearing socks and sweatshirts lol, but feels just right to me Wink

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OMG!!! You have no idea! It is so hot in NY this week! Its about 95 degrees right now and we do not have central A/C - just in my bedroom and my son just had enough of being in one room all day... my FIL is on his way over to put another Air conditioner in my living room b/c its is supposed to be even hotter the next few days - leading up to my c-section on Tuesday.... I am MISERABLE!