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Who's started swelling?

I've noticed my sandals don't fit my feet, and my rings are getting tight on my fingers.....

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Sadly, I have noticed my feet feeling a bit swollen. Not too uncomfortable but I have definitely noticed it. My shoes still fit so that's good, and it's almost flip-flop season here, so I guess I'm good. But I was hoping it would hold off a little longer!

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I cannot wear my wedding ring anymore. It fits but it's snug and there have been a few times that it was hard to get off. I have another ring that I can wear on that finger so I've switched to that one for the rest of my pregnancy. I haven't noticed my feet swelling yet but I don't remember getting much swelling in my feet last time either.

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I don't remember swelling at all with DS. I have had some the past couple days in my feet, but it has been unseasonably warm here, in the 80's, and I think the heat has a lot to do with it. We lived in northern CA on the coast (Pacific northwest type of climate) where it never gets hot when I was pg with DS and so didn't totally understand why women complain about being pregnant in summer! I get it now. Not looking forward to it. Glad my due date is in early July though, before it gets really steamy.

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I had swelling soooooooo bad with my first 2 and with this one....Nothing??? I don't know why because at this point in my other pregnancies I was not able to wear my wedding rings or wear regular shoes, and my face would even swell, but all is good so far. The only thing I can think of is that I drink an insane ammount of water everyday, so maybe that is helping? Oh how I hope the water retention fairy doesn't find me this time.........

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not yet - had a rough time taking off my rings last night, but they are fine today....
but I guess it was around this point w/ last pregnacy that I had to stop wearing my rings : (