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What symptoms is everyone having?

I am a little hungrier than usual. I have indegestion, and I am peeing all the time. I am also pretty tired and go to sleep early at night. It seems like a lot for me to be so early into my pregnancy. I kind of have a temper right now too, but that is managable.

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boobs are slightly sore, more tired then usual and some light cramping.....good luck to you!

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I sleep so much now, and feel sick most of the day/night!

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Sore (and BIG) boobs, a little nausea, heartburn, and tired all the time but having trouble sleeping.

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I'm so hungry! I can't stop eating. Just had some mild waves of nausea so far, eating seems to help keep it to a minimum. I have also been pretty grouchy and sleeping more than usual. Sore boobs. Bloat. That's about it.

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a complete increase in my sense of smell - the smells are not bad, just SUPER strong... like all soaps and cleaning products just smell like I stuck them up my nose...even if I am not in the same room as them...

not all the time but at certain times I get intensly hungry!