Taking another look at our boy today (UPDATED)

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Taking another look at our boy today (UPDATED)

Dr ordered another ult from our last appt because of some baby measurements not being where they should be and the position of my placenta so today is our more detailed ult to double check everything, send me luck that everything will be okay!

I don't know if the placenta can move in three weeks, but I hope so because I really want to workout and DTD again!

Everything looks good, I guess our doctor just likes to be extra cautious and get a second opinion, which is fine with us. Although, I kind of like the dr at the ult place better than the dr I have now. OMG and the ult tech was awesome, she explained every little thing that she saw and seemed like she actually likes her job and gave us a dvd of all 77 pics that she took! The other ult only gave us like 7 pics on a disc. AND 4D is the coolest technology I have ever seen, just a push of a button and there he was so real, looked like he was walking on the moon!

Anyways, all looks good and placenta has moved up, but is anterior so it might take little longer to feel the baby on the outside. Thanks for all the luck, half way there and so far so good.

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Sorry for the reason you have to have another ultrasound, and I hope everything turns out ok. Still, a tiny yay for another ultrasound and getting a peek at your boy! Smile

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Good Luck! Hope all goes well

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Good luck. How did it go?

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So........we want to know all the details! Hope everything went well for you.

Let us know!!!!!!!

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Rachel, I am so glad that the second ult. went well. That had to be scary and unsettling! Now can get back to your routine Smile

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Yay!!!!! So happy things looked good!

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So glad everything is looking good now!

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Glad to hear everything is looking good!