Thanksgiving evening in the ER (TMI)

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Thanksgiving evening in the ER (TMI)

Was still having brown spotting and severe cramping to the point I couldn't eat. Off to the ER we went.

Blood work- beta was 147
Ultrasound- of course they couldn't see anything at all
Cramps- well 3 days of not being able to "go" was causing some extreme pain. Some stool softners and now they assure me I will be able to "go" and I will feel better

The best part was I had an amazing ER dr who took the time to sit down and talk to me. He let me know my numbers were on the low end of normal for 5w1d, and wanted to ask me if I had been tracking my cycle or if this was an "accident." Boy was he shocked when I whipped out my iphone and was able to go over my last 5 cycles, and show that I consistently do not get positive OPKs until day 19-20 of a 30ish day cycle.

This cycle I had my LMP on 10/19. I (for the first time ever) got 2 blaring positive OPKs on November 4 and 5. And interestingly enough, we had sex those 2 days but not for 5 days before or 6 days after. I work out of town and was unable to make it home it home to BD more so I had written off the cycle. So we are pretty sure, around those dates had to be when lil boo was made. Going off an ovulation date of around then, Dr seems to think that last night I was only about 4w,3d along vs. 5w,1d. I questioned this because of my very faint BFP on 11/18, but he pointed out that if I o'd 12-36 hours after the +OPK on 4/5 that the 18th would have been 10dpo and lots of people get positives by then. He said going from that my numbers are good. I go back again on Saturday for another beta. And he also strongly encouraged me to call my Dr office back and demand my numbers from Monday bloodwork.

Basically, I left feeling a little better (and hoping I can "go" soon). I really am hoping this lil boo sticks, but I also know that sometimes God has different plans and I will understand that too.

Thanks for letting me get all that out. Anyone want to share any betas they had done to make me feel better?

And on a second note, spending Thanksgiving night in ER made me feel extremely blessed.

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So glad you had a great ER doc! That makes such a difference. I only had betas done with DS3 and honestly I don't remember what they were. However, with your new date, your number sounds good. That would make a lot of sense with your cycles. Hope you are feeling better, stomach wise today! Constipation sucks!

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Here's my cycle, I think yours sounds similar:

LMP 10/16
+ OPK 11/3, 11/4
Ovulated 11/5 (CD21)
BFP 11/15 at 10DPO

To me, it definitely sounds like you are due more around my due date (7/28). And I am 4 weeks, 6 days, so it all lines up to me!

Because I ovulated late, if I went by LMP, I would be "due" a week earlier and probably showing lowish numbers like you.

Do you get a dating ultrasound at all?

And, I'm sorry you had to go to the ER. But it sounds like the doctor was really nice!

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So glad that you finally had a good doctor to talk to and help you feel better. Any luck with the stool softeners. I hope your spotting stops, so that worry can stray from your mind. Thanks for the update, and not many can say a Thanksgiving Evening at the ER was a blessing Smile

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I am sorry that you had to spend Thanksgiving in the ER. But I am glad that you were able to get some reassurance from the doc. It seems to make sense that you may have gotten your BFP on 10dpo. I have never gotten betas done so I have no advice there, but I am sure that you will feel a lot better once you get numbers done tomorrow...and once you go poo. Wink