Those ladies who don't know they are pregnant....

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Those ladies who don't know they are pregnant....

OK, so I try to avoid those kinds of shows, especially ones that show crazy scary and dramatic births, but sometimes I can't resist the I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant one. I don't get it!!! I get how you could not realize for even up to 6 months, especially if you have bleeding episodes, but how can you make it to full term without realizing? It is crazy how much these babies move and I can SEE my belly moving. They always have some explanation for why they didn't know, but I just still can't believe it.

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I'm with you. I have no clue how they don't feel the baby move or all the kicking. Even if you were in complete denial still couldn't justify all the moving.

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:lurk: not everyone has crazy movers, my DS was one, I never felt him a lot and most of the time when i did if I had been in denial or didn't know it could have been passed off as something else. I never had alien belly with movement or anything, he was sitting in a position where I just never felt him much.

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But why don't their bellies get big? So many of them say their bellies were flat or they gained a few lbs but not enough to have to get new clothes or anything. How is there room for a baby in their belly if it doesn't get any bigger? I saw one today and the woman was pregnant with twins! Seriously, how does that happen?

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Twins I definitely don't get. Although with one I can get it for a while. I didn't know I was PG with DS until 24wks. I still had a regular AF, no morning sickness, or anything else that stood out as being PG. I was also finishing up my last year in college, (doing the math back I'd have conceived in mid-March). So even if there were a few mornings of not feeling well, I prolly thought they were hangovers! Never thought PG...mostly cause of regular AF, and I was taking the pill. I was shocked when we found out how far along I really was. And I still didn't need new clothes until nearly my 8th month! It was crazy! But I still knew before I had him.

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I don't get it either!!! I have so many things that feel off when I'm preggo and don't happen normally that I just can not fathom going into labor and not knowing....

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me too! my whole life changes when I am pregnant i just can't fathom not knowing!

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Jackie, you made it to full term! Hooray!