For those with other kids....

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For those with other kids....

I feel like I've become the world's laziest mom. I just can't keep up with DS and I let him get away with things I wouldn't normally because I just can't deal with it. I've been letting him watch more TV than usual and feel guilty about it, but it keeps him entertained when I need a break. I can't take him out sledding or snowshoeing because he's still little enough that I will inevitably end up carrying up a hill at some point and I can feel that it is bad for my body to be lifting and carrying him, especially with these darned BH contrax I've been having this pregnancy. They are driving me nuts, I woke up several times last night having them and it is just keeping me in a state of perpetual nervousness that I am going to go into pre-term labor. Anyway, I'm having a difficult day because I was awake so much stressing about the BH contractions, DS woke up at 6 and I've just been in a fragile state emotionally all day. Anyway, how are you all doing with being pg and having other kids? How are you making sure they are getting in enough activities/outdoor time? Are you still staying away from TV, or is anyone else having to resort to the boob tube babysitter?

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Aww, don't feel bad. Sometimes it is just necessary to go in to survival mode. When I was preg with my DS my DD was 2 and I remember feeling just awful that I couldn't take her out to do all the normal things she was used to. I had issues with fainting and low BP so I wasn't able to drive or go out alone just to be safe, so we were stuck at home. She probably watched more TV than she should have, but she is no worse for the wear. I would just explain to her that mommy didn't feel well and we were having an inside day. We did lots of activities from the couch, like coloring, play dough, reading together, playing with Legos, having her put on fasion shows, etc. Maybe try to come up with fun activities for him to do that you can do while sitting/lying down?? I promise you aren't a bad mommy you are just trying to make it through. My DD is a super happy very smart 9 year old so like I said no worse for the wear Smile As for the BH are you getting enough water? I find mine get way worse if I am not hydrated enough and they seem to calm down about an hour after I guzzle a ton of water. I hope yours calm down for you too!!

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Maggie -
I could have written this post. Maybe b/c both our boys are the exact same age....
I have been on the verge of tears for 3 days now - maybe b/c i am pregnat but mostly b/c I feel overwhelmed so easily lately - and its keeping me up at nights - and then I am so tired to do anything the next day, then get down on myself for not doing anything and its a vicious cycle.
We are having little to no outdoor time each week - its too chilly for me to hang outside - but no snow either so if we do its just letting him run aorund in our backyard till I get cold...
Yes - I let him watch so much more TV now - especially since its Winter. I try to to play dough or a craft once a week (i work part time so not always home) but even sometimes that is hard b/c I am so cranky. Usually the big excitment lately is renting or recording a new movie and I sit and watch the whole thing with him in my bed - or on the floor like a camp out. This is special b/c I give him all the attention - not just cooking or cleaning while he watches - I feel less guilty by thinking that at least it is one on one time we might not have once new baby comes and it can lead to different conversations and stuff...
I fele like I would have less guilt if I was like in my last month of pregnancy or something - but jesshh - I still have 17 weeks to go!

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Well, its generally too cold here to spend much time outside anyways, so I haven't been feeling too bad about that. I take the kids (or just DS if it is a preschool day) to an awesome playgroup we have here every morning for a few hours. They have crafts, bikes, toys, and a big indoor playground. It is almost easier for me to take them there, cause they have all the other kids to play with so I can visit with the other mommy's and not be 'it' all the time.

I am feeling a little bad though. I still fall asleep in the afternoon sometimes, usually on the couch as they play around me, and the TV is on a lot. Mostly it is my house work that is falling behind though, as I like to spend any energy I have on the kids.

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I feel like I am falling behind on the housework too and I feel bad for my students because I don't feel like I am giving them 100%.
I am glad my kiddos have school to keep them entertained because by the end of the day I am so tired and still have so much to do once we get home. It is just survival for right now until school is out and I am okay with it because it is temporary.

I remember feeling the same way when pg with DD. I was a SAHM and I couldn't lift DS at all. It was difficult but we all made it through.