Told our families!

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Told our families!

We had our first u/s yesterday (I'll post pics in a separate thread) and everything looked good and my beta was 5000+ so we went ahead and told our families! We've been waiting for this moment for 3+ years so it was so, super sweet. We will wait until Christmas to tell everyone else.

How we told:
We got everyone cards on the outside that just said "BABY" and on the inside said "God's most precious gift." We wrote "expected arrival July 4, 2012- proud parents Matt and Amanda" and taped an u/s picture to the inside. On the outside of the envelope we wrote grandparents names, aunt/uncle, etc

Our BIL and SIL knew as soon as they saw the envelope that we were pregnant and the tears started! We went home with lots of books and happy text messages. Afterwards we went to his parents and they didn't notice the outside of the envelope, but as soon as they saw "BABY" on the card were screaming and crying and hugging us! I think his mom had the best reaction, she was just thrilled. Biggrin From his parents house we facetimed with his sister and showed her the u/s pics and the tears started again. We have a really good picture of her reaction, lol. Finally we made it to my parents and they knew something was up as soon as they saw us both at the door. It took them awhile to even open the envelope and realize there were pictures inside, lol.

It feels good to have it "out in the open" and now we are thinking of ways to announce it to the rest of the world. Maybe Christmas card??

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Yay!!! So happy the big reveal went well Smile Doesn't it feel good to have it all out??? LOL I love the card idea too so cute!!

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I can't wait to get past this nervous stage, and just tell everyone too!! I bet it feels awesome Biggrin