too late to join?

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too late to join?

Hi there!! I know this is right smack dab of everyone having their babies so its probably too late to join, but I thought I'd try.

My name is Tori and I am due to have my second child, another boy, on July 19th. I currently have a DS Quinn who is 21 months old. I have been happily married to DH Kent for just over a year now.

I was an active member of the boards when I was pregnant with DS1, but then was without internet for a very long time. I have spent the last few days creeping this board, working up the nerve to reintroduce myself.

If anything, I'd like to say congrats to all the new mommies out there, and good luck to the ones left. Hopefully there is room for me to join Smile

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Welcome and good luck this new little one coming.

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Welcome to the group

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I don't think it's too late. Welcome!

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Just in time for the waiting game...

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Its never to late to join!! Welcome to our group! Looking forward to getting to know you. I'm Mandie. Im preggo with DS #2 and technically I'm due on the 30th however things have been moving very rapidly in the last day or so so I'm hoping to meet my newest LO by the end of the week!