Too real...ramble with a serious question

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Too real...ramble with a serious question

It's just too real after that ultrasound, I mean there is a human growing inside of me. He was moving all around, gave us a thumbs up and wow...just can't believe it. I feel a little guilty because I think I would be more excited if it were a girl, but keep telling myself it will still be exciting and I will love him just the same. DH admitted he had it in his head it was going to be a girl too, but the statistics were against us, everyone in both of our families had boys first. Oh well, guess we will have to do it again Smile

Then, doctor said I have marginal placenta previa and put me on pelvic rest(medical term for no sex) and said no exercising until I see her again in four weeks. Plus, she wants us to get another more detailed ult in a couple weeks because she said one of baby's legs is measuring shorter than the rest of the body (fingers crossed the ult tech just measured wrong). Oh and dr said baby is in breeched position but should turn around.

Anyone have these things happen to them? I think they will all be okay, but still a little worried.

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I havent had any personal experience, but I know the placenta does move up as pregnancy progresses, so I wouldnt worry about that yet. And babies position doesnt make much difference now, as they will do alot of flipping and turning in the months to come, especially as they still have a lot of room in there. The leg thing is a little bit worrisome, but really those measurements are not super accurate anyways, so try not to stress too much before it gets checked again :_

Oh! And boys are wonderful! In my experience they love there mommies in a whole different way than girls do. My DS is the snuggliest most affectionate kid, and I know other moms who say the same thing about their boys Smile

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I have LOVED having a boy. Can't say anything about the leg thing, other than just try not to worry until you get further info. The other stuff sounds normal and nothing to worry about yet...the baby's position doesn't matter at all right now, and your placenta will likely move up as you progress, and if not, cross that bridge when you get to it. Worst case scenario, they have to do a c/s if it is blocking your cervix, but don't worry about it yet. Still plenty of time for it to correct itself. And I know how you feel about it being too real, but your world is about to be seriously rocked by this little baby. You have no idea the depth of love you are about to feel!

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Ditto Maggie/acqualin. I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a boy, but he is the sweetest, snuggliest little guy. I couldn't ask for a better kid, boy or girl, and I couldn't love him more. And this is coming from someone who was definitely disappointed at first.

(other ladies don't read this if you are having a girl)
and everyone I know with both boys and girls tells me boys are way easier. Wink

Yeah, it's so staggering to think of us turning a few cells into a human being! It really does get more real after the ultrasound, doesn't it?

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I agree with the PP's. The placenta thing may resolve its self as the pregnancy progresses so I wouldn't worry much about that. As far as the legs, I have had several friends who have been told something was off during an US, weather it be a clubbed foot, small torso, small head, baby too small, etc and every single one of them have had healthy babies that were absolutely perfect. So I wouldn't worry too much yet unless they find something totally definitve. At this stage there are so many variables it is hard to say for sure if something is off or not. As far as having a little prince, it is great Smile I had a DD first and she was my whole world, and I could not imagine having a little boy, but then I got preg with my DS and it was hard for me to get used to the idea of having a little boy for a few weeks, but it did happen, and when he was born he stole my heart just like his sister, and as Andi said, boys are a bit easier than girls. Plus I really do have a special bond with my little boy that is different than the bond I share with my DD, but just as special. Just think you won't have to worry about hormones, and moodswings that come with girls Smile Trust me they can be brutal lol.

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Wait! Boys are easier??? Could someone please tell my DS this.

I am anticipating that he WILL be easier as the teen years approach, but I just find that he has so much more energy and a need to do every thing on his own, and to do everything Smile Maybe it is just my kids, but I find I am running more with DS than I ever did with DD!

But man can he be fun and funny! He definitely gives me stories to tell Smile

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I am surprised the Dr. even said anything about baby being breech! That is just so silly - Mt DH asked the sono tech about the postion of the baby and she laughed and said the position would change as soon as I left the office! It changes consitatly at this point.
Sorry if the info about the leg growth is alarming - but try to worry too much at this point, it could be anything. I have heard of so many ppl having something come up at the big ultra sound that turns out to be nothing!

As for having a boy - I think you are lucky. Boys are the best and i am hoping for another one - I just love my boy so much words can't even describe - and i must say i was slightly diappointed when My Dr. said "its a boy" during delivery but couldn't be happier now!