Trying to hold off testing...

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Trying to hold off testing...

I posted this in my other thread on yesterdays update but I wasn't sure if anyone would see it there so I went ahead and put it in a new thread. Smile

Thanks ladies! Sorry for making you all crazy today! I was just such a freak yesterday and I cried and freaked out so much and I was so depressed I could barely stand it. I never get depressed and I just couldn't snap out of it so I thought the only way for me to deal with it is just to assume that I'm out for right now. I may cave and test again before then but as of right now I'm planning to wait and test if I don't get AF on Sunday. I had lots of cramps last night and was sure the witch was coming but they stopped again and when I woke up this morning I was very very nauseated. It passed after a while. It wasn't so horrible that I was running to the bathroom or anything but it was enough that I was really uncomfortable and eating wasn't pleasant...stupid breakfast. It was almost worse after I hate too. I suppose there could be a million reasons for it though really. I'm just trying to force myself to be realistic and to stop being so hopeful that it completely destroys me every time I get a BFN. If I decide to test again before Sunday or anything I'll definitely let you all know. You're all so wonderful and have made this so much more bearable with caring the way you do. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for all of us who have yet to get our BFPs.

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Hey Leah!
I know what you mean, it's so much easier to just assume a BFN then to get hopes up about a BFP and then be crushed. I'd rather assume not and then be pleasantly suprised with a BFP.

Maybe it'd be best to either have your DH hide the tests so you CANT test until AF is late. Then you wouldnt be able to obsess.

What I did this cycle was I'm out of IC tests and I REFUSE to go buy some store kinds (I have a FRER, target, and a digital im saving for when I get a pos) so I decided to wait until a few days before AF is due to order more, so that they wouldnt come too early and then I wont be able to test until I could even get a pos..

I remember you sayng you had a lot of IC tests, so I'd say leave them at a friends, your parents, in a car, somewhere where you cant get to them!!!

Keep your head up!!

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Good luck Leah! Yeah, have your DH hide the tests. Maybe he can bring them to work with him so there's no way you can find them Wink Last month, I just didn't buy any until a couple days before AF was due. That way I couldn't start testing at 8 dpo like I did the month before. Not even having the tests around actually made it easier not to obsess. I didn't think constantly about the tests sitting in my medicine cabinet calling to me. Also, this month I was 100% convinced I was NOT pregnant. I about fell over when I saw the positive test. It was a complete shock. I still can barely believe it. I hope you get a surprise BFP this month too!!! But, if you don't, I'm SURE it will happen for you in the next couple cycles. Hang in there!

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you all have more self control then me! I just love peeing on that stick LOL. Good luck hun!