Uh oh.....Crazy Pregnant Lady is Here......

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Uh oh.....Crazy Pregnant Lady is Here......

Ok long vent/rant coming........

I think I just had my first irrational hormonal pregnant lady blow up.......And of course I feel bad about it. So my DH has a very demanding job and works 60-80 hrs a week, which does allow me the luxury of staying home so I appreciate all of his hard work. In his job he does a lot of career development so even past employees will call him for advice and guidance, which I think is great. However, when he is here I expect that time to be mine and my children's time. Period. So it really bothers me when people will call him and he will all the sudden go in to work mode while he is home. I totally get that things come up at work that he has to handle so those calls don't bother me, because it comes with the territory, but I do hate it when he takes calls that he could let go to voicemail and call back later when he is AT WORK!!!!

So today we are sitting here trying to figure out when to schedule DD next surgery and his phone rings, he jumps up from the table mid sentence and answers his phone and it is a past employee who is EXTEMEMLY needy and calls a lot for job stuff and proceeds to talk to her for 5 min. I was fuming!!!! He got off the phone and I told him how much it bothers me when he does that, ( a convo we have had many times) and he said, "ok." that sent me over the edge. NO IT IS NOT OKAY!!!!! Especially when we were talking abot something so important! Gah! It resulted in him getting up and leaving an hour early for work, and telling me I am being ridiculous........I don't know am I???? I did feel a little crazy with how mad I was getting about it, but I still think my point is valid right? Or am I just a crazy pregnant lady???

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Probably a little bit of both:)

My DH works alot too, and I had a similar experience the other night when he called, told me he would be home soon, I made plans to go out, he called back an hour after he said he would come home.....FROM THE BAR!!!!!!

Normally this would upset and annoy me, but is kinda understandable since he worked 120 hours the week before, and was out with his immediate coworkers, one of whom was his ride home. They rarely do this, and I probably would have been OK with it, if he had called me BEFORE he went.

But in my hormonal state, I totally lost it. Screamed at him over the phone and hung up. Totally freaked my kids out Sad He was very understanding and contrite though. I hope your DH is too!

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You have a very valid point. If we work that many hours, then any time he is home he should be completely home. With that many hours at work, there is plenty of time for anyone who wants to get a hold of him to do so while he is on the clock. It's the separation of work and home. Furthermore, no matter what, he should NEVER answer his phone in the middle of a conversation that important.