Ultrasound today!

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Ultrasound today!

Had our 3rd u/s today and we heard the heartbeat! 120bpm which doctor said was perfect for almost 7 weeks. And our burning question has been answered...it's definitely just one baby! DH is thrilled- he really was scared at the idea of twins.

MIL went with me to the appointment and she was so excited; it was great to see her so happy. I have another u/s on Friday and DH will get to go- it will be his first time to see the baby.

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So cute Smile

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AWW! Congrats on hearing the heartbeat! I know what you mean about your DH. I would love twins but I think my DH would pass out!

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Woo hooo!!! Awesome news all around, and a great pic of your LO!

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YAY!!! Great news - hearing that little heartbeat is awsome....

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:wootjump: So happy for you!

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Yay!! So happy for you that you got to hear the heartbeat. Love the pic!!

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Great news! Glad that you got to see and hear your little one! And that was great for you to share the experience with your mil:)

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What a beautiful Bean ! I'm so happy for you that you got to hear a heartbeat. That is an amazing moment!

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OMGosh that's so exciting!! Yay for a heartbeat Biggrin

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So glad you heard the HB! I still can't believe how early you guys have U/S's over there though lol.



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Beautiful baby and great news on hearing the heartbeat! Yay!!