Unexpected aversion

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Unexpected aversion

Spicy food still sounds AMAZING to me...but my tummy hates it. Like causes me to have really painful abdominal cramps followed by a bathroom emergency.

So unfair. I live in ARIZONA, for crying out loud, spicy food is a staple here! And it sounds good to me, so I think "eh, this can't be that spicy" and I eat it and then I'm in misery.

So weird because spicy food was the only thing that sounded good to me with my son. Everything sounds good to me this pregnancy, but I can't eat my favorite thing because it disagrees with me so much. Sad

Anyone else losing out on things they love to eat?

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I want ice cream soooooooooooo bad!!! I am a huge ice cream eater usually but since being preg I cannot stomach it. I ate it once and it was suddenly like I am lactose intolerant or something???? It is really mean when the one thing you crave doesn't agree with you...... I am totally jealous of all of your Mexican food options!!! We moved from OR to MN a few years ago and the Mexican food options are totally lacking.... I crave good Mexican food all the time!!!(Well not so much lately but I am positive at some point this baby will demand it!)

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So many things! I am getting to where more things sound good but I am scared to eat them because so many things make me feel sick. Salad has been a big one. It sounds great but gives me horrible stomach cramps and, as you said, bathroom emergencies. I'm going to try one tonight so wish me luck. Tomatoes and spicy foods are two others I wish I didn't have to avoid.

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Pretty much everything sounds terrible to me. For some reason, I was really craving scrambled eggs and toast this morning, but that's about as exciting as I get. I have an appt tomorrow, but according to my scale I am down another 2 lbs for 5 total lost so far.

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Pizza just typing the word sent me into a gagging fit

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I'm glad you posted this, although I'm sorry that you are dealing with tummy issues. I have been having major issues with diary. Like Carissa, I was thinking that maybe I'm lactose intolerant but since others are having similar issues maybe there is hope that someday I can have some ice-cream again! But I'm not sure when I will be brave enough to try it again. I hope that you can have spicy food again soon!

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I actually became lactose intolerant after I had my daughter 4 years ago. Which is so weird because I was fine my whole life and through my pregnancy but somehow after she was born I can't handle any dairy.It really sucks because with this pregnancy I'll I want is milk and cheese Sad Oh the joys of pregnancy...