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Well, I got news this morning that my grandma passed away during the night. It's bee n a very emotional day. We will be leaving tomorrow for the funeral which is Friday. It's about 10 hours away. The thing is, I'm supposed to O on Saturday and not sure if we'll have a chance to get any alone time while we're there Sad Part of me feels selfish for thinking about ttc while we're there but I really wanted to start trying this month. A July baby would be so great because the kids would be out of school and my in-laws could come down to help out. I'm just so ready to be pregnant. I actually wanted to start trying last month but DH wasn't quite ready. My grandma adored my boys and I know she'd be thrilled for me to have another. Anyway, I guess we'll just see what happens and pray things work out!

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Oh sweetie I'm sorry to hear this! It's been two years today since I lost my grandfather so I completely understand. Don't feel guilty for thinking about creating a life when you're dealing with someone passing. I think it's a good thing. I think that if your Grandma was here she'd be happy that you were trying to have another baby. I think whatever you feel like doing will be the right thing. Smile I'm sorry for you loss, hun.

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I'm sorry for your loss, belindab.

FWIW, my husband and I conceived our baby the night that I found out my mom's cancer was terminal. I was pretty sure I would ovulate the next day, and I found myself thinking, I want something good to happen on this day. I can't say it was the most amazing night of our lives, but something good did happen on that day.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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So sorry for your loss! Sending T&Ps your way.

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Im so sorry! I think you should still TTC cuz it can help to take your mind off your loss. not that it will make it better but it would bring somthing positive to the family! :sorry::bighug:

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:bigarmhug: so sorry !!! T&P are forever with you!

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Thanks so much ladies. I talked to DH about it and told him I'd really like to try if we can get some alone time. I just keep thinking that we'll go down there to say goodbye to my grandma and could come home with a new life. It just seems fitting and like you said a way to bring some happiness to a sad time. Thanks again for the kind words!