Update on Baby

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Update on Baby

Just realized that I forgot to update you all on our situation.

I went for my follow up ultrasound on May 3rd, to recheck the kidneys to see if he actually has both or just the one. I went to my doctors appointment afterthat. May 14th, and my doctor gave us the results from that ultrasound. She said that they still could not see the left kidney. So she's convinced its not there. No concerns though, since the fluid levels were within normal limits, so the one kidney he does have is functioning properly. She said most likely, the pediatrician will probably do an ultrasound on the baby when he's born t
o double check, and then go from there.

That's it for now. He's growing good and still has his boy parts, so that makes me happy. I'm just super anxious for him to arrive!!

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I have been looking for your update, and thought maybe I just missed it Smile Glad to hear that the one he has is functioning well! I have a very good friend that was born with one kidney and she has led a perfectly normal life with no complications from only having 1. I hope this is the case for your little guy. Totally hear ya on the anxious thing, I cannot wait to hold this baby either!! We are all on the home stretch now Smile

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Well, I'm sure you were hoping to see a second little kidney in there, so I'm sorry for that. Still, sounds like your little guy is doing great and thriving! Thanks for the update!

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Thanks for updating...I thought I might have missed it too. Glad everything looks good and the doctor doesn't seem worried. Yay for a perfect kidney! I work with a lady who didn't find out she only had one kidney until she was pregnant with her first baby. She never had a problem or any indication there was only one and they found it when she had one of her sonograms. She said the only thing she does differently now is drink more water.

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Glad his one kidney is working great. You must be relieved. i am getting so excited to meet this LO and I bet we all are!

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Sorry to hear about the missing kidney, but what a relief that the one he has is functioning great. I'm sure he will be just fine! I wonder how many people are walking around with only one kidney and have no idea. Thanks for updating. I'm getting anxious too....was just thinking this a.m. about how I will get to snuggle this little guy soon! I can't wait to hold him.