Update on us..

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Update on us..

We had our 4 week apt on Thursday. The Dr had a hard time finding the heart beat. She didn't look as long as she did the last apt before just going to the ultrasound. Right away she was able to see the baby and the heart beating away. As exciting as it is for the little peaks at the wiggle worm I'm ready for him to be big enough that he can't hide any more. While seeing the baby he had his hand up above his head and was waving at us.

We got our apt scheduled for the big sonogram for march 1st. It's a lot sooner then I thought it was going to be but we will take it. My husband doesn't want to know and I do so I get to find out but have to keep a secret from everyone. Except you guys of course.

So that is our quick update. I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Looking forward to the big one! I have to say though, it would be impossible for me to keep my mouth shut that long! lol I'm pretty sure I'd make some mistake by saying he/she or talking about the names I have in mind. Good Luck with it, and can't wait to find out!