We are having a...

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We are having a...


He was all curled up with his legs crossed and his hands over his junk, snuggling with the umbilical cord between his legs. LOL. So it took a bit longer than we thought it would. I had to get up, move around, etc. Anyway, we finally got two good shots that look really penis-y.

John was only kind of excited because he had lost interest by the time we finally got an answer. The baby was wiggling around like crazy in there, but I didn't feel ANYTHING. The tech was even surprised that I didn't feel it. But she said I didn't have an anterior placenta or anything, so who knows why?! Anyway, everything looks good for now, and I am excited to go to the ultrasound next week to make sure everything is healthy!

I was a little surprised because I have felt sooo different this pregnancy than my last, plus my chart was classic girl chart (DTD on O-4).

But I am excited to be a mom of boys. I love the boy toys DS1 plays with, we LOVE football, and of course it will be great for DS1 to have a brother!

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:lurk: COngrats!!! Boys are a thrill a minute! Add a few more, and it's a thrill a millisecond LOL!!!!

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Congratulations! It seems like everyone with one kiddo already is having the same gender. Maybe that's a July thing? Glad you got a good look at the baby.

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Aww, yay!! Congrats on the baby boy!!! My little girl was in the exact same position when we were trying to get the money shot, and there is still a small part of me that thinks, "well what if they were wrong?" But after seeing your clearly boy money shot I don;t know where this baby would be hiding a penis lol. Congrats again!!!

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Congrats! Wow, there really is no mistaking that baby as a boy. So you really can make the baby move things out of the way by walking around and to keep at it? Good to know for when I go to my appt on Monday.

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Congrats! Welcome to the "help me I am the mother of two boys" club! Wink It'll be fun. Get ready for wrestling matches in the living room!

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Congrats! Your son must be so excited!
Gotta love those boys - they love their mammas so much!