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Weight gain

Anyone thinking about weight gain at this point?

I gained 46 pounds with DS, and I really wanted to avoid gaining that much this time around. I swore I would eat healthily, especially in the first trimester. But now that m/s has hit, I'm having trouble. I know I'm eating too much but with feeling queasy and nauseous, I'm having trouble cutting myself off.

I am also in jeans a size bigger already, at 7 weeks. Haven't weighed myself because I'm too scared!!

Anyone have the same problem? Or even better, some good ideas? Smile

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I am SOOOOOOOO worried about weight gain. With my first I gained 60 lbs, which amazingly came right off. I know most of it was water weight as I was swollen like everywhere lol. With my second I gained 50 lbs, and I only lost 30 after that. After that my PCOS went nuts and I gained a ton of weight over a few years and finally this summer I was able to get down to where I was comfortable again, but I still can not afford to gain 50 lbs again. I too vowed that I was going to eat only healthy with this one, but like you said with MS it is nearly impossible. I guess the good news is that what I am eating isn't a lot, and I am pretty sure I am not even meetiing my daily caloric intake most days. I figure if I can make it through this first trimester alive, then I can focus on eating healthy and exercising again. I would love to keep my weight gain at like 25 lbs......Are you eating protien? I find that I don't eat as much if I fill up on protien. Actually I have been drinking Slim Fast low carb shakes which are full of protien and seem to help with my MS. I am buy no means trying to loose wight but I figure if I can keep down something with extra vitamins and minerals and that is full of protien it is better than the bag of chips I want to eat......:)

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With my first one, I gained only 25 pounds BUT I was 20 pounds overweight. Two years ago, I worked my butt off to lose that weight. So now I imagine I will gain 25+20 = 45 pounds. I'm not sure why I think that, but I just think I'm going to gain a lot more. Anyway, if I gain less than 45 pounds, I will be satisfied, less than 35 will be awesome. Right now, as I am eating nonstop, I'm not sure this is going to happen.

You know, my clothes are getting tighter, but the weight gain isn't kicking in yet... interesting phenomenon. I think it must be redistributing from unexercised muscles to belly fat...

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One thing that helps me is that when I am eating something I think, am I eating this because I am hungry or am I eating it only because it tastes good? If I am not hungry, I stop eating. I don't deprive myself of treats, but I just eat small amounts. For example, a serving of ice cream is 1/2 cup. I put it in a 1/2 cup measuring cup. I feel satisfied having some. I gained 32lbs with DD (and it wasn't until after we were done nursing at one year that I got the last 10lbs off). I did weight watchers and I love their new plan. It is less points for unprocessed foods. Also, those guidelines of how much food to eat when you are pregnant are crazy. Way too much food.

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I'm not too worried yet. At 7-8 weeks, I was pretty bloated and it has gone down a little by 11 weeks. So you may see that most of your gain so far is bloat and it eases off in a few weeks. Like pp said, my pants are tighter, but I've only gained a few pounds so far. With DS, I gained 12 lbs in the first trimester :eek: but it leveled off in the second tri when I started eating more normally again, and I only ended up gaining about 35 lbs total. I'd say if you are really hungry, eat and don't worry about gaining yet. I sometimes find myself eating things I normally wouldn't even when I am not hungry and justifying it by thinking "oh, it's OK, I'm pregnant." Probably not a good idea.

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Ohhh - I am terrible when it comes to weight gain - last time i had the mentality of 'I am pregnant, I am going to live it up and eat what i want" I gained 49 lbs! I lost it all within about a year and a half - didn't try too hard , i think breastfeeding for 20 months helped alot... so I was exactly my pre-pgragnancy weight (150lbs) when I got pregnant this time. Last time though i hade gestational diabetes so had to be on a strict diet the last 10 weeks...so you would think I would be eating better and watching my weight this time around...
BUT - I am not really. I am eating pleny of healthy foods, BUT also eating plenty of take out - I am just hungry all the time... also i figure my stomach already is covered in stretch marks - how much worse can it get - LOL!!!
I think in the back of my head I know i will have gestational diabetes again and for the last 10 weeks I will have to be on the diet again, so I am living it up while i can. (I will either have it or not, dieting now will not prevent me from having it)

I know the is a terrible aweful attitude to have...but hey - I think quitting smoking and caffine and alcohol all at the same time gives me the right to be a little lax with my weight - alot of women don't even give up smoking while pregnant, and it was ROUGH! So I try not to beat myself up about the food / weight gain too much.
I have only gained 3lbs so far, which is alot less than last time at 10 weeks! I think I was about 8lbs up at 10 weeks last time.

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So far not worried about weight gain. Then again, still nauseous and not eating a lot right now, mostly bread products, which might catch up to me. My dr said to expect about 35 lbs, so I am thinking that sounds reasonable, but this is my first so I am not sure how reasonable I will be in the trimesters to come!