weight gain question

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weight gain question

Hi All. I had a MW appt today and it was a centering appt. That means me plus 4 other ladies due in July/August. They gave us a big booklet and I just filled out my weight gain on this chart where they graph typical, low and high weight gain by weeks. I am 26w6d today and have gained 8.6lbs total. This is below the lowest weight gain row. I started with a normal BMI. Should I be worried? I eat when I am hungry and I have some food. I am also measuring a fundal height of 26cm (about one week behind). What do you think? MW did not seem concerned but she didn't have the weight info in front of her.

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Hmm. A week behind in fundal height doesn't seem like a problem. 8.6 lbs isn't much, but were you pretty sick in your first tri? Did you start out losing some weight? Everyone's body is different, but that does seem kinda low...maybe ask your MW about it. I think as long as you're eating healthfully and regularly and the BABY is still gaining weight, that is what is really important. I've gained 29 lbs already! So I am having the opposite problem Wink

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Trust your midwife and as long as your eatting healthy I wouldn't worry about it. I'm still negative 17 pounds from being so sick in the begining. I've put back on 3 of the pounds I lost but thats it. But I am a big girl so I'm in a different situation than you.