When/how did you tell family/friends/ or even dh?

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When/how did you tell family/friends/ or even dh?

I am about seven weeks (if my due date is accurate). I know people say to wait until after first offical doctor appointment to tell family and friends (mine isn't for a couple of weeks)...but when did you tell family and friends?

Next week is Thanksgiving and it would be a perfect time to tell everyone. Going to his families for lunch. Kind of funny, but they asked me to bring buns. We are thinking about doing something cheesey like saying, "We have something to say." and then put one bun in the oven and see if they get it lol.

Is it too early? Part of me is wondering if I should wait until Christmas, but I am too anxious for that. Not just from being able to confide and rejoyce with family and friends, but I really want to get my hands on some of those pregnancy books they promised to lend me.

For everybody else, I am thinking about sending out a Christmas card with a picture of us and a baby crib saying something like. Merry Christmas...guess what?

I wasn't able to do anything too special for telling my husband. He was in the hospital at the time and kind of messed up on drugs (from an accident...not an addict). So...kind of told him twice because he thought the first time was a dream lol.

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So far I have told DH, my mom, and my BF. Those are the people that I would feel comfortable knowing even if something went wrong because I would want them there to comfort me. I am going to hold off on telling everyone else until after we hear the heartbeat. I have just heard too many stories of people telling too early and then something bad happens and they have to then deal with telling everyone the bad news. I am really hoping to hear the heartbeat right before we go home for Christmas so that we can tell the rest of our families then.

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Oh, I'm a big teller. So far I have told my parents and sister, 3 friends, my voice teacher, and several people I work closely with, and plan to tell my ILs over Thanksgiving. I figure that these are the people from whom I would need support if something bad happened, so I might as well tell them the good news now.

I'm holding off telling most people at either of my jobs and my DS until 1st trimester ends.

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We are telling everyone after we see the heartbeat as well, I will be a little over 7 weeks: So far I have told my sister, and my hubby has told his BF....I have ad 2 losses, and so I know what it's like to tell too early....We are telling our girls along with everyone else on Tuesday! Good luck...There is no way I could hold off til Christmas!

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It is hard figuring how who/how/when to tell... Best of luck with it.

I told DH, and one of my sisters, and one of my closest friends IRL who just had twin boys so she was sensing my baby fever.

After this, we have agreed NO one else gets to know until we have hit 16 weeks or so (okay... that is what DH wants, I haven't yet agreed).

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It is so hard not to tell people!
For my first child we waiting the traditional 12 weeks to tell everyone (except our parents and siblings).... but I am getting so bloated that I actually look a little pregnant in the evenings and put on 2 lbs already so I am thinking we will be telling a little sooner this time around.
Told our parents with in an hour of getting our BFP and siblings within a week of finding out - each sibling was aloud to tell 1 best friend or significant other...and I had to tell my cousin who borrowed my maternity clothes b/c I need them back ASAP and she lives out of state - coming to where i live for Thanksgiving so I needed her to bring my clothes!
I think we will be telling rest of family at Thanksgiving - it justs seems appropriate for us... but anyone outside fo family we will be waitning until 12 weeks (around Christmas)...then we will make it official by posting on facebook.

My advise would be to tonly tell people that you would need comfort / support from if something bad were to happen... Some people are more introverted and would prefer to keep things to themselves... I am not - God forbid something happened, I would need support form my sister n laws, cousins, Aunts... etc... thats why we are telling a bunch of family before 12 weeks