Wow already?!

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Wow already?!

Went to my 28 week doctor appointment yesterday and they have me coming back every 2 weeks already!! I can't believe its that time already. I'm excited though, just means we're getting close!! I've got all my appointments scheduled from here on out, so that's nice Biggrin

Everything looked good at my appointment. Had my sugar test done, hoping and praying it comes back normal. Didn't get an ultrasound, but we will be scheduling one at my next appointment in 2 weeks. Hopefully we will get some definite answers as to whether he has both kidneys or not. Doc also said she will be talking to the specialist soon, so I'm curious what he has to say about our whole situation. Please keep baby boy in your prayers!

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Isn't it crazy!?!?! They started scheduling mine every 2 weeks last appt. I feel like the end is in sight!! I will be praying that everything looks great with your little man. Keep us posted!

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Mine are every 2 weeks now too! Crazy how fast this is going. That said, I'm already ready to be done being pregnant. Is that wrong? Wink
Of course baby needs to keep baking for MANY more weeks though!

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I know, it seems so crazy that we're already third trimester. Yes, even me at the end of the month LOL! I figure, 26 weeks done, 13 to go until my c/s, that's two-thirds, so I'm third trimester now. Smile

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I know - its so crazy - I am on every 2 weeks as well already!

I hope all is well with your little baby....

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On Friday I got a message that I need to book another appt because I have to go every 2 weeks. Yikes, pretty soon we'll all be having these LOs in our arms! I passed my glucose test - hurrah. This is in all likelyhood my last pg, and I am glad for the fact that I do not have to drink that glucose solution again. I do think I will be pg for longer than 40 weeks since I was 41w with DD and since I am measuring a week behind. Guess I will be closer to the end of the month. Maybe even as late as Aug 1. I will hate it at the end if I am way overdue.

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I know it is crazy we did my two week one at my last appt too. I already have an induction date too so I know I only have just under 9 weeks left at max it is insane.