WTH!!!! Spilling Protein AGAIN!!

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WTH!!!! Spilling Protein AGAIN!!

So at my weekly OB appt today my Dr. said I had protein in my urine (using the basic in office pee test) and I previoulsy had not in my last 2 visits! The results of my 24 hour urine test where getting so much better he did not even order one for this week.

I asked what my last test # was that i dropped off last Thursday and he did not have the results yet....
He was going to call the lab and get that number and depending on that determin what to do next...

the history of my numbers is: (FYI - average # is below 150)
Test 1: 840
Test 2: 1040
Test 3: 1137
Test 4: 850
Test 5: 574

so Dr. just called and this weeks numers are.... 986!!!! WHat The Heck???
So now he wants me to do another test tomorrow and find out the results early next week....

I wish he would just say lets deliver this baby already. I mean I am full term this coming Tuesday - C-section date scheduled for 6/26 - 19 days from now.... as of my sono yesterday baby is perfectly healthy and measuring 8lbs and 2 oz!

I just think its time already - I see no point in testing any more at this point....

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That is crazy! If I was you I would be pretty insistent that they get that baby out! How do they even know at this point that it is the pregnancy that is causing the issue. Wouldn't it just consistently get worse or stay the same if that was the case? I dont mean to stress you, but at this point I would be worried that being pregnant is masking a real issue with your kidneys. Plus, you are right, why continue to put your health and potentially babies on the line, if it is safe to do your c-sec now.

Have you asked the Dr to move up your date? What is his reasoning for prolonging this?

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UGH!!! Sorry. I hope they make some decisions soon. Who needs all this stress at the end of pregnancy?

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Ugh, that's got to be frustrating!! I'm sorry Sad I'll continue praying for you and hopefully they'll get things figured out. KUP!!

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I am sorry, how frustrating!!! I agree if you are term why risk things getting worse?? I am hoping for the best possible outcome for you and baby.

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Is your doctor sure the baby is what is causing your kidneys to fail? Would having the baby be a guarantee that you would get better? i wish you the best and hope all is resolved soon.

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I do not think that there is any guarentee that the pregnancy is causing the issue, but he does seem pretty sure about it, but I guess there is not much else they can do to make that determination until AFTER I am no longer pregnant. They did run a bunch of tests during one of my L&D visits and everything seemed fine and shortly after my numbers got better Dr. said I was an enigma and we would have ot wait and see what happened - he said if the #'s got to be around 2,000 - 3,000 is when he would start to be worried and deliver the baby and since my highest so far was only 1137 we just have not gotten to that point yet.
He did not say why he was waiting - but I will ask him that depending on my next set of #'s are - I dropped off my urine on Saturday and called this morning for the results but the lab said the test results are still "pending" so maybe tomorrow I will know more and if the number got any higher I am going to ask to have the baby this week....