Yea! It happened!

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Yea! It happened!

A friend actually looked at my belly today and point blank asked if I was pregnant!!!!!

I was so excited, and felt really bad when I said no and acted offended Smile I am going to be in so much trouble when it comes out that I have lied to all these people Sad

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I don't know how you do it. Keeping it in for so long! Lol. I don't keep secrets!!

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That is so exciting! I keep waiting to see if anyone will even hint at it and nothing so far. I am only 13.5 weeks and feel like i am looking pregnant but since no one has asked yet, even my friend who I would be expecting to ask (she doesn't hold anything back Smile ) Maybe another week or two and people will start to ask.

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Ha ha awesome. I would never have been able to hold it in, I would have confessed for sure!

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Great! See, someone thinks you can't only gain weight in your tummy from eating too many cookies. I can't believe you could convincingly lie about it, I am a terrible liar. Hope your DH gets that job news soon!

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Aww, too bad you can't let the cat out of the bag yet Sad There is no way I could hide my belly even with good clothing placement, so good job making it this far before someone said anything Smile Hope your DH hears about his job soon so you can shout it from the roof tops!!!!