Are you showing yet?

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Are you showing yet?

Who's showing? Who's in maternity clothes already?

I am getting a belly but my regular pants still fit since I lost 5-7 lbs over the 1st tri. I am thinking about spending some time this long weekend digging out the maternity clothes and washing them.

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I am showing a little, but can still fit into about 4 pairs of my "big" pants Smile I have been meaning to dig out my maternity clothes too but I am unsure of their whereabouts!! lol


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Hmmm, my reply disappeared.

Yes, I've been in them for a couple of weeks. I definitely look pregnant these days. I showed early last time but even earlier this time.

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I am in my pre-pregnancy jeans, but I have been needing to leave them unbuttoned (and unzipped depending on the pair) with a belly band. I tried Secret Fit Belly maternity pants this week, but I'm not quite big enough yet to keep them from falling down. Some of my shirts are getting a bit short so I did dig out my maternity long-sleeved shirts tonight and will try them on tomorrow.

I definitely look pregnant this week, whereas last week I just looked like I had put on some weight in the belly. I also think I look bigger than I should at 12 weeks, which annoys me. But I am extremely short-waisted, so there is really nowhere for anything to go but straight out, so I guess that is just how my body does pregnancy. I was hoping to be smaller this time but it's not looking good so far!

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I am not but am a fluffy mom so i will show much later into the pregnancy if at all I suppose

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I'm 1/2 in regular clothes and 1/2 in maturnity. Its weird my reg jeans still fit around the waist mostly because of the 15 pounds I've lost already but my belly has popped so the zipper part is tight and the waist is baggy... I'm in such a difficult part where nothing really fits too well.

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Yep, I just took some belly pics where I look pregnant and not just chubby. I'll post whenever I get around to dealing with Photobucket (I hate it). I've already gained 10 lbs, but I did that with DS too and only ended up gaining 35 lbs total. I also started 10 lbs lighter than I was when I got pg with DS, so I am just back at my pre-pg weight with DS Smile

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I'm about 1/2 and 1/2. I haven't gained any weight and my regular pants still fit, but I'm definitely showing...especially at night. I can wear regular pants with a bella band, or maternity pants that fall down all day. I'm ready to be out of this in-between stage and POP!

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I am in 90% of maternity clothes. I can squeeze into a few pairs of regular patns w/ the bella band but i just hate being uncomftable - especially since my tummy like doubles in soze after I eat - so if it fits in the morning it most likely will not fit after lunch, so on work days I wear materinty pants and mix of maternity tops and regular tops. At home I live in leggings (regular and maternity) and long regular shirts. If i wear regular clothes I just look heavy / frumpy...but if i wear maternirty clothes i do look pregnant - so I prefer that look!
I just can't wait to be a little bigger know - where it is unmistakable. I just love that time when everyone is nice to you, holds doors open, makes you sit and rest, doesn't let you do heavy lifting, etc... its just like an excuse for everything! LOL ..boy this post makes me sound very lazy!

BTW - I think more of you ladies need to post belly bump pics! I haven't seen too many updates in our SPACES page... I know Photobucket is annoying - so I only do mine every other week...

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I am def showing! I have no torso so there is no where for the early bloat to go and now my bump but out lol. I have been in mat jeans since 9 weeks. Even though I am still in the negative for weight gain I still am def showing, which is crazy to me.