~US and Belly Pic~

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~US and Belly Pic~

Thought I would share my US pics, the one is obviously a profile shot the other is the, "money" shot. Or the best she could get anyway. It is basically her legs spred open looking up past her little butt cheeks, you can see a little white blob floating in the black space and directly below that you can see the, "3 lines" What do you all think????

And as a bonus some belly shots from today. Blah, sorry girls no make up or hair done today, (we spent the day cleaning and organizing). I can't believe this belly is all from 6 lbs!! YIKES!!!!

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Awwwwwww!!!! Hiii babbyyy girlll!!!

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Looks Great! Congrats on another girl!

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Congrats and Love the belly!

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Thanks ladies Smile

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You are adorable, Carissa. And you look so happy!