16 week appt

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16 week appt

Had an interesting 16 week appt today with my midwife and her student. BP was 150/70 which is not great but better then the 150/95 I got last time! We are keeping with the same plan as numbers are still normal at home. I also brought my monitor with me and she tested it on her and the student and it was accurate! She mentioned that when bp is 140/90 they don?t typically treat that, just keep an eye on it and consult an ob. once I hit 140/90 with Lucas I was transferred and put on meds. Pretty bitter to hear that, I don?t think it is something I will ever get over. The other interesting thing she mentioned was that they had results from my IPS ultrasound. The tech noted that there was a ?mass? which of course scared the living crap out of me. My midwife said it could be from two things, either a pooling or ?lake? of blood from the placenta, which doesn?t sound reassuring but she said it was harmless and usually goes away. I can?t remember the actual term for it, might try to find out later. Or, it was a second, non viable baby She doesn?t think it is a baby, and said that I would have cramping and bleeding which I have had none of. Either one freaked me out but she reassured me they were not a threat to the baby. I?m hoping when I get my next ultrasound after 20 weeks there will be no sign of it. Also, my screening for rubella came back undetermined, with Lucas it came back saying I had immunity. That wasn?t that long ago, how long does the vaccine last anyone know? anyone dealt with placenta lakes?

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That is crazy about the mass. I guess they will look into that more when you have your big u/s? Glad the bp is not elevated too much, hopefully it stays that way for you. I would be bitter about the news you got on your first pg bp reading too.

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Boo to a complicated appointment. Here's hoping the next one is nice and simple...maybe they should go to your house to read bp:)

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sorry your appt. was a little complicated Sad I'm sure everything is ok espically since your not having any bleeding or cramping going on. I hope it resolves on it own and your next appt. turns out better.

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I'm glad they are not going overboard with the interventions for your blood pressure. I hope it remains manageable.