24 week appt

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24 week appt

I can't believe I'm at 6months!!! Yay!

Things were good and uneventful. HB was 137 and measuring right on time. I gained 9 lbs last month though! Starting to watch it and eat healthier............starting tomorrow. I have some buffalo tenders in the fridge that I really want, lol!

How is everyone else doing?

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Yay for great appointment:) We are doing great still tired. I went to bed early last night still woke up 2 times, one is a pee break and another is to deal with a locked knee. It was the 4th time it happened and it hurts.

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Nice to have good, uneventful appointments! I'm doing well, for the most part. Lots of aches during the night and struggling with hypoglycemia during the day. Other than that, she's getting bigger and stronger every day.