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Hi everyone, I failed my one hour GD test:( now I need to go do the 2 hour and have to drink that gross drink. They changed the taste. They took out the carbonated and made it more flat and have that awful after taste. I really hope I pass this one. Same thing happened and passed the 2 hour with my first pregnancy and 2nd pregnancy I passed the one hour. Otherwise the doctors appointment went good.

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So sorry that you failed. Hopefully you will pass the 2 hour again!

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sorry to hear that, how far off was you?
A girl my husband works with was off by 1 point and still had to do the 3 hour

Good luck---hopefully you will pass the next one

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Aww thanks ladies:) They said my score was a 10 in the middle. They don't which way it is going to go.

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That sucks! I hope you pass the next one! Good luck!

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No fun, good luck on the second one!

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That stinks. I am not a big believer in the test. I think it is good for identifying someone who was already diabetic or pre-diabetic before pregnancy and was unaware of it. I think there are far too many false positives that they label as GD that aren't. I tend to have reactive hypoglycemia (when I get hit by carbs/sugar, my blood sugar rises, then after an hour or two falls precipitously). The last time I had the glucose drink, my last blood draw was 41, which was not safe for me or the baby. After that, I have refused to take the stuff. My m/w compromised by allowing me to do a 1-hour post-prandial (after a 50-carb meal). I've done it twice this pregnancy, and my numbers were 56 and 86. I hope you do better on this one. If you really can't tolerate the drink, you could ask if you could do jelly beans. There is a specific number of jelly beans that equals the carbs in one of those drinks, and some people tolerate it a lot better.