Abdominal tenderness?

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Abdominal tenderness?

My entire mid section is just sore and tender. Jon likes to sleep with an arm across my middle and lately I tell him to stop because it hurts.

Last week I was very constipated. When I finally went it was more painful than anything I can recall in life. I decided I could have an unmedicated childbirth because this was so much worse. And it made me bleed. And the first three days after that, I bled every time I went. (And I double and tripled checked that it was NOT vaginal bleeding). So I wonder if I could be still sort of messed up in my intestines.

Im also not peeing much. Maybe three times a day on a good day. Shouldn't these hormones make me have to go constantly??? I guess I could have a UTI or something?

The only other thing I can think of is I swear I can feel my uterus stretching like crazy but I'm not "popping" still. I feel like it's pushing hard against my belly but my belly is fighting back, refusing to pop out. Maybe that's crazy! I don't remember feeling this way in the past.

All I know is my entire middle is sore and tender and I don't remember this happening in the past.

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I felt the same thing last week. The nurse reassured me that it is not the baby. They are still pretty low until 14 weeks, in the uterus. She thought maybe I pulled stomach muscles from dry heaving or throwing up. It feels a lot better now but is still tender. As for peeing, if you are drinking enough then you should be going more than three times a day. Sounds like the beginning of a possible uti. Drink lots of fluids and check with doctor if they are available. I hope you feel better.

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Oh no, that sounds terrible!

I'm not really sore around the middle, but it is somewhat tender with the cramping. When pregnant I almost always discourage DH from putting his arm around my middle. It doesn't really hurt, but it is too heavy in combination with the pressure, soreness and cramping.

It also sounds like you're still healing from being backed up. I know that everything slows down with pregnancy, but for me I'm not going nearly enough. Sometimes I think that the problem contributes to the nausea. I would imagine that even not pregnant you should have the urge to urinate more than three times a day. From my experience though a UTI increases the need to go, and it causes burning and discomfort while going. Maybe try drinking more water, lots of fluids are also supposed to help with constipation, and then if everything doesn't improve bring it up at your next appointment. If you are really worried you can also call the office, and maybe a nurse can offer some advice.

I hope that you find some relief soon!

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Tenderness is most likely caused by constipation and bloating. My dr. told me to take a stool softener with the Zofran and he wasn't kidding. I am most definitely uncomfortable when anything is on my stomach. I'd really rather not get hemmoroids this early in the pregnancy so I'm trying to take in more fluids and I'm now taking the stool softeners.

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I remember feeling like hat when I was constipated horribly last time. It's miserable, so sorry you are having a rough time with that.

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Yeah, I agree with most everyone on here. I had constipation bad early on in pregnancy and it HURT. I didn't know I was constipated (even though I hadn't gone, it wasn't really on my mind), so it just felt really crampy/sore down there. When I did go, it hurt and was definitely not something I'd want to repeat. As for the bleeding - I'm sure it had something to do with being that backed up. If it hurt *that* bad you might have torn something.

You should definitely be peeing more. Drink more water/fluids and try to get a little more hydrated and hopefully that will help.

As for not popping - I'm 25 weeks pregnant and I swear I just look fatter. Not pregnant.

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More water might help the constipation as well.

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Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. I had some of the same issues with each of my pregnancies, especially my first.mmy doc told me to keep a bottle of water with me at all times and sip as much as I could during the day. He also put me on docalax (sp?). Another thing you could do is try switchibg from the regular prenatal to a woman's one a day. It has everything you need but less iron. I know my body is super sensitive to the extra iron.

Hang in there, this too shall pass (no pun intended lol)